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SIRS Issues Researcher - 2015 CODiE Finalist, 2014 Library Journal Best Databases

Fast Facts

Background and analysis on 360+ leading issues
Trusted, authoritative resource for pro/con issues assignments
Supports state, national and international learning standards
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When it comes to helping novice researchers understand the major issues of the day, SIRS® Issues Researcher stands apart by offering balanced content selections from more than 2,000 international sources. Analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between of 360+ social, scientific, health, historic, economic, and political issues. Editorially curated and created content including engaging Essential Questions, and viewpoint articles help build a solid foundation for understanding complex global issues. Documents and graphics in SIRS Issues Researcher are carefully selected according to strict SIRS criteria for content reliability, relevance, and age-appropriateness. Titles include: American History, The Christian Science Monitor, Economist, Foreign Affairs, Financial Times, Global Viewpoint, Maclean’s, National Geographic, and Newsweek.

Thousands of editor-reviewed, authoritative newspaper and magazine articles, graphics, charts, maps, primary sources, government documents, websites, multimedia, as well as critical thinking questions, and timelines broaden student comprehension of each topic. A Research Guide organizes a student’s research inquiry process. Users can easily and intuitively retrieve information by browse or search.

Content is aligned to state, national, International Baccalaureate, and Common Core standards, visible within the product, saving teachers time in the lesson planning process, and ensuring that library resources correlate to learning benchmarks.

Lexile Reading levels are integrated with each full-text article. Lexile scores match reader ability and text difficulty, supporting individualized instruction.

SIRS Issues Researcher is available online through either the visually-stunning Guided Research application or the award-winning ProQuest Academic platform. SIRS Issues Researcher provides the following features and tools:

  • Trending Leading Issues updated daily
  • Editor’s Picks of Leading Issues updated regularly
  • Daily updating with new content
  • Article Text to Speech
  • Language Translation
  • Citation Generator
  • Integration with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Google Classroom
  • Responsive design, optimized for viewing on mobile devices
  • Educators’ Resources
  • Standards Correlations tool for state, national and international curriculum standards

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