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Calgary Herald Archive Named an Outstanding Academic Title

Canadian newspaper archive makes Choice Magazine’s prestigious 2021 list; review cites benefits of archive to Indigenous researchers

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Early Modern Resources: Ideal Reading for Halloween

Read on for the “true discourse” of a murderous sorcerer who appeared in the “likenes of a Woolfe”

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‘Calgary Herald’ Archive Brings Province’s History to Alberta Residents

Academic, public and special libraries across Alberta have banded together to provide the province with online access to the entire archive of the Calgary Herald, t

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‘Making a Murderer’ in the Media

Is Steven Avery innocent? Newspapers, journals and dissertations could help you decide.

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‘Partners in the Learning Process’ – Thoughts from a Librarian with a (Nearly) 30-Year Career

“We can expand beyond the walls of our building and extend our reach to become more accessible to students,” says Scott Drone-Silvers


‘Picture a Scientist’ Panel Tackles the Need for Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in STEM

On March 24, four world-renowned scientists will share their perspectives during a candid conversation on advancing diversity and inclusion

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“Bringing Serendipity Back:” How Hofstra University Uses Streaming Video

Sarah McCleskey, Head of Resource & Collection Services at New York’s Hofstra University Library, talks video in education – and how its use has changed drastically

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“Dark Archive” to Protect 600 Terabytes of ProQuest Data

The ProQuest SAFE (Secure Archives ForEver) service is designed to ensure permanent preservation and access to content purchased by customers.

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“Fighting Bob” and the History of U.S. Progressivism

How digitized access to Robert La Follette’s papers promotes insight into progressive politics, then and now.

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“Go to ProQuest”: Becomes a New Starting Point for Research

Updating the ProQuest URL may seem like a small change – but for our users, it will have a big impact. Here’s why.

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