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How Frankenstein Became a Literary Classic

How Frankenstein Became a Literary Classic

More than a century after its publication, there was a shift in perceptions of Mary Shelley’s “minor horror story”

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“Night of the Living Dead”: 50 Years of Horror & History

“Night of the Living Dead”: 50 Years of Horror & History

Is one of most influential horror films ever a work of violence porn – or genius social allegory?

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23 November 2021

A Small Library Modernizes its Services During the Pandemic

How Mary Immaculate College upgraded to Alma at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Administrator, Librarian
17 November 2021

Editor Picks for Faculty... November 2021 Issue

Explore content on Indigenous Peoples, as well as artificial intelligence, mental health policy and more

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Public, Faculty
10 November 2021

The State of Academic Libraries: Unique Perspectives from Today’s Library Leaders

Budgets, DEI, remote learning: Charleston Conference panel tackles key issues surfaced by library survey

Blogs, Academic, Faculty, Librarian
10 November 2021

Appreciating Smaller Publishers: From Four-Letter Words to Social Justice, The Story of Akashic Books

A publishing house founded by a former punk-rocker is now known for its unusual themes, dark humor and unwavering support for diverse writers

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Public, Faculty, Librarian, Student/Researcher
08 November 2021

Editors’ Picks for Nursing Faculty

Trends in nursing education, skills, theory, mental health and more

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Public, Faculty
05 November 2021

Behind the ‘Squid Game’ Phenomenon

A look at the economics, politics and culture behind the wildly popular Korean dystopian thriller, Squid Game

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Faculty, Librarian, Student/Researcher
02 November 2021

Religion, Women’s Rights, Violence, Grief: Just a Few of the Themes Explored in Groundbreaking ‘Purple Sage’ Documentary

‘Riders of the Purple Sage: The Making of a Western Opera’ takes viewers through the process of bringing new life to a 110-year-old Zane Grey novel

Blogs, Academic, Community College, K-12, Faculty, Librarian, Student/Researcher
29 October 2021

Research is a Multistep Process that Takes Practice

Why Professor Jill Jensen assigns ProQuest Historical Newspapers to business students at the University of Redlands

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Faculty, Librarian
26 October 2021

ProQuest One Business, Rapido and Pivot-RP Honored in Charleston Advisor’s ‘Readers’ Choice’ Awards

Business resource named ‘Best New Product’ in magazine’s annual awards issue

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Corporate, Government, Administrator, Faculty, Librarian
22 October 2021

Axe Murders, Dead Relatives and Disembodied Music: The World’s Creepiest Dissertations

Scratch your Halloween itch by diving into the dark side of academic research

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Librarian, Faculty, Student/Researcher