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Comprehensive coverage of key Canadian cities and provinces
Cover to cover local and regional Canadian views, events and people
Key resource for missing historical information

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With ProQuest Canadian Newspapers, discover 170+ years of comprehensive Canadian news coverage from a local perspective on regional, national and international issues. Get insight into everyday lives, places and events and how commercial, social, and cultural life is influenced as stories unfold.

Historical newspaper content is among researchers’ most sought-after primary source material.

First Historical Record of an Event, Person or Place

News coverage is the first documentation of history as it unfolds. Users can study the progression of issues over time by browsing historic newspapers. These newspapers are an excellent record of fine points and facts that are overlooked elsewhere.

Local Perspective from Multiple Sources

Search and browse local perspectives on regional, national, and international affairs providing insight into views, people, and events where/when they happen.

Go beyond the article

Researchers have access to full-runs and full-images that go beyond feature articles and breaking stories. Users can also find newspaper editorials, advertisements, cartoons, obituaries, birth records, marriage records, and classified ads that provide valuable information and contextual understanding into centuries of primary sources.

Transcend time

Provides a comprehensive record of how stories unfold – and continue to unfold – over 170 years. Empowers researchers to travel back through centuries to eyewitness history.

For all levels of researchers

Provides a starting point for younger researchers, but is robust enough for scholarly research.

User-friendly support tools to facilitate research

Offered on the intuitive ProQuest platform, users benefit from the ability to search by keyword, date ranges, specific dates, author, and more. They can also focus on relevant information quickly with hit-term highlighting and download pages in PDF format.

This collection is currently comprised of ten Historical Canadian Newspapers:

  • Calgary Herald (1888-2010)
  • Edmonton Journal (1903-2010)
  • The Globe and Mail (1844- 2016)*
  • Leader-Post (1883-2010)
  • Montreal Gazette (1878-2010)
  • Ottawa Citizen (1845-2010)
  • The Province (1898-2010)
  • Saskatoon Star Phoenix (1902-2009)
  • Times-Colonist (1884-2010)
  • Toronto Star (1894-2016)*
  • Vancouver Sun (1912-2010)
  • Windsor Star (1883-2010)

*Additional year of content added annually

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