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image of a series of cover images from ProQuest’s Health & Fitness Magazine

Fast Facts

Major US and UK consumer magazines devoted to health and fitness topics
Valuable source for women’s / men’s studies as well as the 20th-century history of health, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition
Deep backfiles of hard-to-find publications

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Health & Fitness Magazine Archive provides digital access to the backfiles of nine major US and UK consumer magazines, with the earliest coverage starting at 1950. It includes leading titles of this type, such as Prevention, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health. Topics include 20th-century history and society, women’s/men’s studies, body image, fitness and exercise history, history of food and nutrition, and public health.


  • Flex [US] (1983 to 2015)
  • Men’s Fitness [US] (1985 to 2015)
  • Men’s Fitness [UK] (1999 to 2015)
  • Men’s Health [US] (1986 to 2015)
  • Prevention [US] (1950 to 2015)
  • Women’s Health [US](2005 to 2015)
  • Women’s Health Activist [US] (1975 to 2015)
  • Women’s Health Weekly [US] (1994 to 2015)
  • Zest [UK] (1994 to 2014)

Coverage is by default from issue 1 to 2015 (or publication ceased date), with issues scanned from cover to cover. The rarity of the source material, however, means that there will be some small coverage gaps (issues / pages).

Unique Content

The backfiles of consumer magazines of this type of material have not previously been readily available in libraries. This archive features several of the leading, highest-circulating publications of this type, including Prevention magazine (from 1950) and Men’s Health.

Perspective on Cultural Trends

Rich material attesting to changing social, historical and cultural trends over a period of many decades.

Variety of Research Applications

Topics pertaining to health, body image, exercise, and related themes are major research areas for scholars in men’s / women’s / gender studies, 20th century social history, public health and other fields.

Research Tools

Article-level indexing and the ProQuest Platform’s search and navigation options enhance the utility of this resource.

Full Visual Content

Page-image, color digitization maximizes rich visual content of original magazine issues. Article-level indexing allows researchers efficiently to identify relevant content.

Complementary Resources

Highly complementary to the Women’s Magazine Archive and Men’s Magazine Archive collections, building on partial coverage of some of these topics in those titles.

Cross-disciplinary Resource

Serves a wide variety of subject areas (e.g. the history of sex roles, body image, fitness/exercise, public health, food/nutrition, and medicine) and researchers at all levels.

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