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Previously rare and inaccessible, high-demand primary source material
Complete backfiles of many renowned publications in this field
Opens up countless new opportunities for research across multiple disciplines

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Religious magazines originally aimed at a popular readership are key primary sources through which to interpret myriad aspects of 20th-century religious history, relating to, for example, the evolution and development of particular religious movements, the changing relationship between religion and society/the state, and the influence of belief systems on public life.

By offering the full backfiles of major religious magazines spanning the 19th-21st centuries, Religious Magazine Archive makes newly accessible these key sources, for which archival issues have not widely been retained by libraries.

The availability of this material opens up countless new opportunities for research, across multiple disciplines; whilst this content is of particular relevance for studies in the history of religion, it will be of relevance also to areas such as social history, politics, theology, sociology, and international relations.

Deep backfiles online

Unique digital availability of deep backfiles of magazine titles in the field of religion

Wide scope of coverage

Full color digitization maximizes the visual content of this material

Quick access to relevant content

Custom article-level document type/feature limiters enable users quickly to access the material most relevant to their research

Enhanced research and discovery

Cross-searchable on the ProQuest platform with many other highly complementary resources

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