10 June 2020 Blogs, K-12, Public, Faculty, Librarian

SIRS, eLibrary Content for Schools Now Discoverable Through MackinVIA

Students can find SIRS and eLibrary content from ProQuest through the MackinVIA digital content management platform

By Larry Wilkner, Lead Product Manager

When we speak to educators and librarians about their priorities, easy access to resources is often at the top of their list – and this rings true especially in our current remote teaching and learning environment.

Today, I’m pleased to share that the content from SIRS Issues Researcher, SIRS Discoverer and eLibrary – three of ProQuest’s most-used databases for upper-elementary, middle- and high-school students – has been indexed in the free MackinVIA Deep Discovery Tool, making these popular ProQuest databases more easily accessible in schools around the world.

Students whose schools subscribe to SIRS and eLibrary can now discover it in MackinVIA along with content from other providers, without going to multiple platforms. As a result, they spend less time tracking down information and more time completing their assignments.

ProQuest products have been trusted by K-12 librarians and educators for decades for their editorially curated, reliable information and ease-of-use for novice researchers. Today, they’re even more important in our evolving era of remote learning. Making SIRS and eLibrary discoverable in MackinVIA gives students another avenue to discover quality, authoritative content and can help them excel in the (virtual) classroom.

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