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Premium Content for Solo Researchers

Did you know there is a wealth of information available via the internet that is not accessible through Google? You may have access, through your school, public, or university library to premium, authoritative research content that you can use today! ProQuest replaces confusing and inefficient web searches—which may involve multiple paywalls—with high-quality content collections and tools that help navigate and pinpoint the exact data you need. Ask your local public, school, or college library about the ProQuest tools they offer to make information easier to find and use.

Products & Services

New! Regional Collections

Six collections have been added to ProQuest Historical Newspapers' continuously-growing database that’s in addition to the stand-alone titles and specialty collections.

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New! Global Issues Library

A new Alexander Street product–Global Issues Library–recently launched. Comprised of five underlying products, the Global Issues Library reflects the key issues affecting our world today, including border issues, migrations, atrocities and human rights violations, security, revolution and protest, and environmental issues.

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Video Inspires Greater Engagement in Learning

In the digital age, video is omnipresent. Available through an endless number of services, streaming on a variety of devices, video is simply a part of everyday life. In fact a recent ProQuest survey reveals usage of video by students and scholars surges by 82% from 2014 to 2017.

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