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One of the most prominent and influential international editions of Vogue
1964 – present
Research the history of companies and brands across half a century

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The Vogue Italia Archive will make available the entire run – spanning more than half a century – of one of the most influential and renowned international editions of Vogue. While the magazine had a trade emphasis when it launched in 1964, from the outset it regularly used leading photographers such as Albert Watson, Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon. It subsequently became more emphatically a magazine of style. It is now recognized as the least commercial and most artistic edition of Vogue. Its many innovative, often controversial, initiatives include an all-black issue for July 2008, featuring only black models and offering articles about black women in the arts. Other issues have featured, for example, a shoot on the site of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (commenting on American oil consumption) and the use of plus-size cover models as part of a campaign against pro-anorexia websites. Vogue Italia’s appeal is international, with almost half of its issues typically being sold outside of Italy. The current editor Emanuele Farneti has spoken of the magazine’s enduring ethos of minimizing its global reach through prioritizing visuals and recognizing that the image had to become the real language of the magazine.

High quality access to rare, high-demand content which appeals to a wide range of subject disciplines, from gender studies, to material culture to fashion.

Users can conduct powerful searches to find relevant images and articles in seconds! Gone are the days of locating library holdings and browsing through unindexed back issues!

Users can see the original magazine issue, providing the visual context that is is needed to interpre the image – researchers can see the date when garments were available, the manufacturer, retailer and often the price.

This archive is known for its innovation – for things such as the first all-Black issue, the first Vogue to feature an Asian cover model, the use of plus-size cover models, and addressing health issues for its readership.

Vogue Italia is also well-known for its social commentary and bold treatment of current issues and events – such as the environment, cosmetic surgery, addiction, war and foreign policy, terrorism and security and domestic violence.

Topics covered go well-beyond fashio and include: art, film, literature, cuisine, architecture, beauty and health and travel.

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