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Delivers naturally efficient workflows through unification with the Ex Libris Higher Ed platform
Enables data-supported decisions through library metadata and sophisticated analytics
Provides the right information at point of decision

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Rialto has taken a collaborative and imaginative approach to longstanding pain points in the selection and acquisition workflow for academic libraries. By working with librarians around the world, we identified the most pressing issues—such as lack of data for decision-making and scattered work processes—and utilized our technology to resolve them. Rather than repairing these processes, Rialto rebuilds them to meet the needs of today's librarians and marketplace, leading to time-saving efficiencies and better coordination among library staff. With Rialto, librarians can make confident purchase decisions and ensure budget is spent effectively to buy what will be used.

Rialto’s Marketplace currently offers over 39 million ISBNs of print, electronic and streaming video titles, with more to be added. The Marketplace is vendor-neutral including content from over 50,000 publishers.

Growing options to support libraries’ current need for ebooks.

OASIS and Rialto regularly work with the Publishing and Aggregator community to provide new services and expanded programs to make needed ebooks available.

Please check back often as this information will be updated as publishers announce new programs.


When your library wants to continue to order print titles but cannot receive shipments, our E-First, Print Later service can help. Our team can match all available options and discounts for ebooks to a library’s open print shipments being held.

50% off E with Print

When your library wants to provide electronic access to print books currently in your holdings, we have “50% off E, if you own the print” offers. Our team can help match your print holdings to available ebooks on these platforms.

  1. EBook Central for participating publishers
  2. Taylor & Francis publisher direct

Publisher Direct Discounts

Publisher Direct platforms on OASIS and Rialto offer the following discounts on the purchase new ebooks. Prices in OASIS and Rialto will reflect the discounts offered by the publishers.

  1. IGI-Global: 20% off InfoSci® ebooks
Naturally Efficient Workflows

Naturally Efficient Workflows

Rialto makes a seamless workflow possible because it is embedded in the Ex Libris Higher Ed platform. Users perform all work in a single system, and information is updated in real-time (no need to wait, check back, or synchronize). Tasks are proactively pushed to the users’ attention, which saves time and leads to better coordination among library staff.

Data-Supported Decisions

Data-Supported Decisions

Rialto enhances decisions currently made only on metadata with data from outcomes. Predictive analytics built on past decisions and patron usage are integrated into the selection process, and holdings, usage, and other users’ activity are visible during evaluation. This allows librarians to use their budget effectively to buy what they need and use what they buy.

Right Information at Point of Decision

Right Information at Point of Decision

Rialto removes the guesswork from monograph selection by gathering the right information in user-friendly tools, allowing librarians to quickly and confidently make smart purchase decisions. Recommendations improve over time based on prior outcomes, and Recommendation Feeds can be self-tuned so selectors only spend time reviewing relevant titles. Formats and editions are grouped, allowing users to easily compare alternatives.

Esther Arens

University of Leicester

Pascal Calarco

University of Windsor

Annette Coates

Northumbria University

Gavin Phillips

Imperial College London

Elize Rowan

University of Edinburgh

Sarah Sanabria and Carole Correa-Morris

Southern Methodist University and San Jose State University

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