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Rialto is essential for modern libraries because it improves efficiency, increases collaboration and is easy to use
Rialto is unique with its innovative approach to solve longstanding problems in the selection and acquisition workflow

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Rialto is a comprehensive and neutral e-commerce marketplace for academic resources. It is a single destination for all content types, multiple platforms, and thousands of publishers designed to simplify selection and acquisition workflows across various access models and licenses.

Rialto has taken a collaborative and imaginative approach to longstanding pain points in the selection and acquisition workflow for academic libraries. By working with librarians around the world, we identified the most pressing issues—such as lack of data for decision-making and scattered work processes—and utilized our technology to resolve them. Rather than repairing these processes, Rialto rebuilds them to meet the needs of today's librarians and marketplace, leading to time-saving efficiencies and better coordination among library staff. With Rialto, librarians can make confident purchase decisions and ensure budget is spent effectively to buy what will be used.

Empowers Selectors & Subject Liaisons

Empowers Selectors & Subject Liaisons

  • Real-time holdings, usage, and activity by other users visible during evaluation
  • Tools to highlight quality titles based on library’s collection development policy
Streamlines Acquisitions

Streamlines Acquisitions

  • Entire workflow from selection to acquisition is performed in one system
  • Real-time budget and fund allocations avoid overspending mistakes
Rebuilt for Collection Development Managers

Supports Collection Development Strategy

  • Intuitive interface is easy to learn and easy to use so work can be performed faster
  • Recommendations and rankings are determined by the library to create consistent adherence to its collection development policy

Rialto rebuilt the processes and flow of information to meet the needs of today’s selection and acquisition librarians


  • Simple, modern shopping experience enables quick engagement
  • Self-service recommendations empowers and leverages staff expertise
  • Actionable data provided at point of selection saves time and offers confidence

  • Endless manual activities disappear
  • Tracking data through spreadsheets becomes unnecessary
  • Flexibility in purchasing decisions at point of purchase

  • Administrative controls to promote collection policies
  • Effect shift to a data driven organization – go beyond metadata
  • Create bandwidth to better achieve mission and goals through elimination of manual activities

Where workflows are streamlined, and content is maximized

ProQuest’s Publisher Digital Marketplace allows libraries to order ebooks and stream videos on their preferred platforms directly through Rialto. When librarians choose to order titles through the digital marketplace (most of which are DRM-free and Unlimited Access), they have access to a variety of popular academic and specialty publishers without leaving the Rialto marketplace. Adding the Publisher Digital Marketplace to Rialto makes it a complete single destination by eliminating the need to purchase separately from each publisher, and simplifies workflow as all e-invoicing is run through ProQuest.

Current publishers and aggregators available in the Digital Marketplace are:

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