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Archival runs of 26 major magazines and trade publications
Content on early learning to higher education, plus vocational, independent schools and distance learning
Subject-specific titles plus material on women and ethnic minorities

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The collection covers a wide range of educational topics, from general titles, to subject-specific publications, titles aimed at educational leaders, and material devoted to women and ethnic minorities in education. Many education sectors are represented, from early learning to higher education, vocational education, independent schools and distance learning.

First Digital Archival Collection of its Kind

Despite the strong interest in the history of education as a field of research, until now, there has been no dedicated electronic resource archival collection of its kind.

Professional Practice Issues Addressed

This primary source collection sheds light on historical questions relating to professional practice, priorities, values and controversies in education during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Explore Multiple Perspectives

This material enables researchers to explore multiple perspectives on key events of the age and opens up countless new opportunities for research, in the history of education, but also in social history, childhood studies, women’s studies, psychology and politics.

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