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ProQuest Digital U.S. Bills and Resolutions provides searchable full text of all versions of all U.S. bills and resolutions from 1789 to the present. Individual bill texts may be accessed directly or through a composite bill profile page that links out to the various versions, as well as related publications to which the user institutions have access. This collection is especially suitable for researchers interested in history, political and social sciences, and legal research, but it will also prove invaluable for anyone interested in topics, careers, or social sectors subject to U.S. law. Business, industry, the environment, energy, education, foreign relations, and public health are only a few of the research areas in which this collection will prove invaluable. Search by number or sponsor. Track status actions. Fully integrated with ProQuest Congressional basic subscription and digital modules for entitled user institutions.

Enhance your search experience

ProQuest Digital U.S. Bills and Resolutions will add searchable PDFs to existing bill profiles for basic subscription customers AND create new bill profiles for all bills not included in the basic subscription. The newly created bill profiles include bibliographic information, PDFs, and a related publication search that makes it easy for users to link to other publications citing the bill.

Gain greater insight into the history behind enactments

Interested in the history of efforts to enact legislation? ProQuest Digital U.S. Bills and Resolutions allows researchers to find bills related to ALL previous attempts to enact laws. Search back to previous sessions of Congress and even look back into the earlier centuries’ sessions to find similar or related bills that were introduced previously.

Access bills not included in legislative histories

ProQuest Digital U.S. Bills and Resolutions is complementary to ProQuest Legislative Insight, which only includes the full text of bills directly related to the laws—a small percentage of the comprehensive bill collection.

Handwritten historic bills

View PDF images of all bills, including handwritten bills from the earliest sessions of Congress. The text behind the handwritten bill images has been keyed in to make these bills fully searchable with the rest of the collection.

Save shelf space

Libraries with paper version of bills and resolutions can replace deteriorating collections with PDF’s and save shelf space.

Maximize researcher’s time

Libraries with microform collections of bills and resolutions can save researcher time and increase use of the content in a more accessible digital format.

Follow the story

The unique bill profile page provides links to all other congressional content to which the user institution has access that cites the bill. Follow the links to follow the story of the bill’s passage through the legislative process.

Does research involve hearings, reports, or non-congressional publications that refer to a bill?

Without the bill text, you have no way of knowing exactly what is being discussed. Sometimes a hearing or report includes the text, but typically it does not. ProQuest Digital U.S. Bills and Resolutions allows you to retrieve any bill or resolution text instantly. And the related publications search at the bottom of our metadata record provides direct links to any publications already available to you through ProQuest Congressional that specifically cite the bill.

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