06 August 2021 Blogs, Academic, Faculty

Editors’ Picks for Business Faculty

Random walks, green brands, women in leadership and more

By Kelly A. Latham, Editor

Need digital content for business courses? Spark engagement and discussion with a variety of content from across the ProQuest portfolio. (For some items, you may need to log into your ProQuest or library account.)

Video: Darden’s Random Walks Decision Modeling Series
This series from the University of Virginia introduces the concept of a random walk. It gives the model and specific estimation procedures for three random walks and their applications. Ideal for courses in decision modeling, financial simulation, risk analysis, decision analysis and forecasting, the videos use real data – such as unemployment rates, oil prices or stock prices. With the MS Excel add-in Crystal Ball, viewers learn to estimate and simulate random walks.
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Dissertation: Modelling the Influence of Green Brand Image on Brand Loyalty in Technology Products
Awareness of environmental problems, consumer environmentalism and business ethics about the environment have become central issues. Companies have introduced green ideas into products to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. However, consumers still have a dilemma in the trade-offs for product attributes and environmental friendliness. This study expands the concept of brand image to relate to environmentalism (“green” brand image).
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Ebook: Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership
Set aside trends to focus on the fundamentals of great leadership. Rooted in decades of social science research across multiple disciplines, Bolman and Deal’s four-frame model has continued to evolve since its conception. This sixth edition includes coverage of cross-sector collaboration, generational differences, virtual environments, globalization, sustainability and communication across cultures.
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Magazine Article: Biden’s New China Doctrine
According to an article in The Economist, President Biden feels that he needs the spirit of Pearl Harbor to help rekindle a sense of national purpose. For a glimpse of what this could entail, look at the administration’s report on four crucial supply chains – semiconductors, batteries, rare earths and vital pharmaceutical ingredients – published last month. Yet Xinjiang is the origin of 45% of the silicon used in generating solar power. (The Economist)
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Newspaper Article: Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Buys 60% Stake in Off-White
LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE is taking a 60 percent stake in Off-White, the brand founded by American designer Virgil Abloh, deepening the French conglomerate’s ties to a leading proponent of hip-hop and streetwear in luxury fashion. (The Wall Street Journal)
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Dissertation: A Qualitative Study: Perceptions, Racial Inequality, Intersectionality: Underrepresentation of Black Women in Intercollegiate Leadership
There is an alarmingly low number of Black women in athletic leadership positions at Division I institutions. The purpose of this study was to investigate the lived experiences of Black women who pursued athletic leadership roles and how their perception of intersectionality may or may not have supported their role within the organization.
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Ebook: Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Strategic Approach
Since the first edition was published in 1997, Professor Joan Pynes’ text has become the go-to reference for public and nonprofit human resources professionals. Now in its fourth edition, it has been updated to include information that reflects changes in the field due to the economic crisis, changes in federal employment laws, how shifting demographics affect human resources management, the increased use of technology in HR, social media issues, and new approaches to HRM policy and practice.
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On-Demand Webinar: What It Means to Be a Responsible Company
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