02 December 2020 Blogs

Increasing Syndetics Unbound Visibility

We've looked at a lot of different catalogs and discovery layers over the past few years, and learned a lot about usage statistics (read more about our new usage stats here). Out of that, we thought we'd share some tips about how you can optimize your Syndetics Unbound subscription

Don't hide the content

The more a user has to click, the less they will do so. If Syndetics Unbound is shown within an accordion, behind a tab, or very far down on a detail page, your patrons will see it less, and accordingly, interact with it less.

We suggest:

    • If your catalog uses accordions, try setting them to auto-open.
    • Move Syndetics Unbound content out of tabs and into the main part of your detail page.

Include Syndetics Unbound on your search results pages

See our post last month about how to put an abbreviated version of Syndetics Unbound on your search result pages. This is an easy and incredibly effective way to put the content your patrons want front and center.

Suggestions? Questions? Concerns? We want to hear from you. Please reach out to us at bowker.technicalsupport@proquest.com.

For more information about Syndetics Unbound, please visit Syndetics.com.