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Webinar Recording: Using Primary Sources in LGBTQ Studies

Discover how issues of gender and sexuality are interwoven throughout the evolution of U.S. culture.

Discover how issues of gender and sexuality are interwoven throughout the evolution of U.S. culture

By Courtney Suciu

In “LGBTQ History: Supporting Diversity in Research and Teaching, and Why It Matters” historian Nancy C. Unger traced LGBTQ culture in the U.S. from the colonial era through present times – revealing often-surprising insights on gender and sexuality throughout American history.

Revealing how these issues (as well as race, urbanization and health) are interwoven throughout the evolution of U.S. culture, Unger demonstrated the unique ability of ProQuest historical resources to help students and scholars uncover an often-overlooked aspect of American history and studies.

This Choice/ACRL webinar, sponsored by ProQuest, focused on collections specifically curated for LGBTQ studies, such as Gender Watch, LGBT Magazine Archive and LGBT Thought and Culture, as well as relevant material in other primary source collections, such as those related to women’s history, demonstrating the fascinating intersectionality of American history.

The webinar is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a provocative and educational discussion of history and culture. [Warning: the presentation includes explicit discussion of LGBTQ topics]. It will be particularly valuable to those interested in learning more about:

ProQuest sources specially curated for LGBTQ studies and the ways they can be used in research
How other primary source collections such as those related to women’s studies, mental health, politics and government are relevant to LGBTQ studies
Examples of varied content research using primary sources, books and scholarly articles
The unique value of primary sources in teaching and learning
U.S. history from a holistic, intersectional perspective

Dr. Nancy C. Unger is Professor and Chair of the History Department at Santa Clara University. Her academic training focused on the Progressive Era in U.S. politics, but her research and teaching interests cover many different facets of American history. Her illustrated talk on the importance of gay bars in American history and a sample LGBTQ History class were both nationally broadcast and are available in the C-SPAN TV online library. She has also consulted with Bill Moyers for PBS, and her radio appearances include Public Radio International, National Public Radio, KQED, Air America, Wisconsin Public Radio and Talking History.