10 April 2019 Blogs, Academic, Faculty, Librarian

History Vault, Newspapers and More: New Primary Sources Content in 2019

Content used by faculty and students has expanded beyond traditional academic journals to include video, ebooks – and primary sources.

A recent study shows the mix of content used by faculty and students has expanded beyond traditional academic journals to include video, ebooks – and primary sources.

Primary sources allow students and researchers to analyze first-hand materials in their original form, leading to new insights and helping build the critical-thinking skills needed for careers in every discipline.

Thousands of universities already turn to ProQuest for the world’s largest collection of curated digitized primary sources, and we’re continuing to invest in this wealth of resources. Here’s a preview some new content you’ll see this year:

ProQuest Congressional, the only research solution that offers a comprehensive collection of congressional documents from 1789 to the present, is being enhanced to simplify discovery and offer more historical context to students.
ProQuest’s award-winning History Vault will launch new modules that document social, political and cultural change in America, including Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency Records, 1853–1999 and Nazi Looted Art and Assets: Records on the Post-World War II Restitution Process, 1942–1998.
ProQuest’s partnership with the National Security Archive – the Digital National Security Archive continues with digitization and discovery of its latest collection of declassified documents: Nuclear Non-proliferation 2, Part I: From Atoms for Peace to the NPT, 1954–1968.
Global Issues Library’s multimedia collections are expanding to include Security Issues Online, with historical context and resources on topics as terrorism, cybersecurity and intelligence, and Youth and Popular Culture, which provides access to rare journals and videos that explore the emergence and evolution of youth culture.
Finally, ProQuest Recent Newspapers will expand with a Midwest regional package featuring page-level content from 2010-forward, and later with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay Times, the Dayton Daily News and the Saskatoon Star. Historical Newspapers will add six new Canadian titles starting with the Montreal Gazette and an additional 15 years of Chicago Tribune coverage.

To stay updated on when these enhancements will take place, talk to your ProQuest representative, visit proquest.com or follow our news and feature blogs.