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The original COUNTER engine powered 360 Counter and also the COUNTER reports in Intota Assessment.  That original engine has been enhanced multiple times.  Despite those efforts, customers have continued to see problems with the accuracy and the performance of these reports.  We heard you. ProQuest concluded a few months ago that a complete re-development was necessary.

Particular problems with the original COUNTER engine are:

  • Impacts Production Services
    • All processing is handled in our production database, which can impact Client Center, Resource Manager, Intota and other applications
  • High maintenance system
    • The cost for maintaining the system is very high, and customer satisfaction is low due to performance
  • No real-time information for  ProQuest or for users
    • The process lacks transparency making it difficult to identify and reproduce errors for resolution
    • ProQuest Support cannot find and fix  errors fast enough to meet customers’ needs
  • Poor Logging
    • Processing offers very limited visibility as to what’s happening, making it very difficult to resolve issues.

The new COUNTER engine offers many advantages that will improve COUNTER usage reporting.  These include:

  • Improve file load efficiency
    • Files harvested will be able to be loaded much more quickly
    • Multiple files will be able to be processed at one time
    • Active data validation as reports load into the system
  • Process Transparency
    • If report upload fails, display failed record
    • Support record repair and resubmit
    • Display how costs were calculated
      • Included titles
      • Calculations
  • Improved title matching – better reporting on use of the same title in different packages
    • Individual Rules (scripts) can be applied to providers to handle unusual conditions
  • Use New Knowledgebase
    • Improved quality and consistency for record matching
    • Improved matching, merging and deduplication

Completely rewritten from the ground up, the new COUNTER engine takes advantage of new technologies and modern system architecture principles.  

  • Architecture – the new COUNTER engine is in Amazon Web Services, making it very stable and high performing.
    • RAW Reports files are stored outside of the production system
    • Removes  the load off of the production systems
    • API for Client Center/Intota and additional system consumers
    • Multiple  reports can be processed simultaneously
  • Modular Design
    • Supports plugins and individual scripts
    • Independent rules for input and output streams (providers and consumers)
    • Integrates with the New Knowledgebase enabling better Cost Per Use reporting
      • Higher quality records
      • Will  enable reduction of lost and/or  mismatched records
  • Metrics and Reporting
    • Designed for transparency (see what’s being processed and status)
    • Improved metrics about the system health and results
  • 100% Automated Testing and Delivery
    • No manual testing, No manual delivery on releases
13 Oct 2015

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