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Leveraging ProQuest’s broad and comprehensive profiles of scholars from all around the world, we are excited to announce the latest addition to the Pivot product family, Pivot™ Gallery.

With ProQuest Pivot, a web-based discovery and workflow tool that combines a comprehensive source of global funding opportunities with the largest collection of scholar profiles into one intuitive solution, researchers, faculty and research administrators can easily explore new avenues for funding, and better manage the pre-award process.  Pivot helps bring highly relevant funding opportunities uniquely matched to the researcher to help expose funding that is critical as well as sources from new areas.  Universities and research institutions from around the world are utilizing Pivot to help build a funding strategy that supports both immediate and long-term needs is from Pivot’s powerful and intelligent recommendation engine, collaborator matching, administrative reporting, and editorialized content.

As research institutions seek new ways of becoming more competitive in their rankings, being able being able to attract new talent and expose existing talent to media outlets, publishers, etc. has become more and more critical. Universities have been looking to a new product category, known as the Current Research Information System, or CRIS.  However, these solutions can be challenging to implement due to their sheer size, complexity and high costs.  Some institutions have been looking to open source solutions such as VIVO; however, these solutions can take years to implement and result in large costs – think free as in kittens, not free as in beer.  

Introducing, Pivot™ Gallery, a new product from ProQuest that helps institutions to showcase their researchers and research output to the public and to the groups that they are trying to attract: new faculty, media outlets, publishers, etc.  Pivot Gallery is a web site that can easily be embedded in the university’s web site and offers powerful searching and browse capabilities of the research profiles at the institution.  By leveraging our extensive list of nearly 3.5 million profiles, the setup process is quick and painless – we do all the work for you.  Allowing you to showcase your institution’s research output with a turnkey solution that is customized to match your institution’s website.

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14 May 2015

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