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Library consortia members can now easily share e-resource information with each other, providing immediate workflow savings for e-resource configuration and management. Intota v1 allows libraries that jointly purchase or license resources to share those resources between their Intota profiles without having to key in redundant database configuration or license information. These new functions, to be released in September, 2015, allow libraries to distribute data for commonly subscribed resources, saving keying of complex data and facilitating immediate discovery access to essential e-resources.

How does it work?

The consortium has a “manager” library that can share resources with all, none, or some of its member libraries. Intota’s flexible platform enables managers to make sharing decisions at the resource level or at the individual library level. Real-time sharing and inheritance reports make managing and tracking shared resources easy and efficient.

“Member” libraries have flexible options including the ability to “opt in” and automatically inherit all resources, or select the shared resources of their choice for inclusion in the collection. In either case, the database or license seamlessly flows into the library profile and all discovery services, without any further work necessary on the part of the member library.

Because libraries are engaged in complex consortial agreements with many organizations, the Intota platform is flexible enough to support a library that is a member of multiple consortia, either in the role of manager, member, or both.

Learn more about Intota’s Consortium support here.

28 May 2015

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