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360 Counter consolidated usage and cost reports and 360 Usage Statistics reports moved in June to the Intota Assessment platform, a reporting tool offering stronger capabilities.  For 360 Counter customers the enhanced reporting platform is a follow-on after significant backend improvements and more robust 360 Counter administration that was released earlier in the year.  

For 360 Usage Statistics Reporting, you can access Intota Assessment e-resource reporting interface by clicking the link in Client Center in the Business Intelligence Tools section. For 360 Counter Reports, click the “Intota Assessment” button on the top of the 360 Counter landing page. (The new Intota Assessment interface will generate Counter 4-compliant repor
  • To access 360 Usage Statistics, Client Center users can click on the 360 Usage Statistics link in the Business Intelligence Tools section. Intota users will see the reports when they click on the Intota Assessment link in the Assessment section of Intota.
  • For 360 Counter consolidated usage and cost reports, click the “Intota Assessment” button on the top of the 360 Counter landing page. (The new Intota Assessment interface will generate Counter 4-compliant reports.)

Where can I get more information?

  • A 360 Counter FAQ in the Support Center will provide information on the new reporting interface for your usage and cost reports. 
  • The 360 Usage Statistics Support Center article will provide information on how to use the reporting interface for analyzing use of your collection through ProQuest360 Discovery Tools : 360 Link, 360 Search, 360 MARC Updates, and E-Journal Portal. 
  • We’ve developed “Viewing 360 Counter Reports in Intota Assessment” and “New 360 Usage Statistics” public webinars to assist your transition to Intota Assessment. From the public webinars page, click on 360 Management Services and you can register for an upcoming free public webinar session or watch a pre-recorded session at any time.


Interested in subscribing to the complete Intota Assessment offering?
For libraries interested in extending assessment capabilities beyond e-resource usage, the full Intota™ Assessment offering provides tools that support comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the library’s entire collection, both print and electronic, serial and monograph.  Intota Assessment helps libraries demonstrate the value and impact of its collections and services based on real data, giving stakeholders clear insight into return on investment, an increasingly important metric in times of shrinking acquisition budgets.  It’s a powerful extension to your e-resource usage reports, particularly as libraries are challenged by financial constraints and pressured to reduce the physical footprint of the collection.
29 Jul 2015

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