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Expert Advice provides explanations and insights about best practices for research. Learn helpful tips from experienced professionals such as faculty members, administrators and authors.

Preparing for Comprehensive and Qualifier Exams

Tips on how to prepare and study for comprehensive and qualifier exams.

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Comprehensive Exams

A close look at the questions you should be asking yourself in preparation for comprehensive exams written as review papers.

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Lab Bench Work

Handling lab bench work while negotiating other obligations in graduate school.

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The Importance of Efficient Data Presentation

Explore helpful tips about presenting data in an efficient and clear manner, and learn how to improve your ability to communicate with an audience.

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Presenting Research

Guidelines for grammar and use of language in your field.

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Research Organization

Best practices for thorough research organization.

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Literature Review

Find out the key components of a well-executed literature review.

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Research Papers

Guidelines for writing and editing your research papers.

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