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Connecting people to information anywhere they study, work, invent or seek to learn.

Researchers are empowered to discover, grow and thrive with an extraordinary collection of content from 90,000 authoritative publishers that spans six centuries and is delivered in multiple formats. Expert abstracting and indexing as well as innovative technologies enable precision searching, enhanced discovery, and better outcomes for every type of researcher, from K-12, community college, and graduate students to faculty, patents, R&D, and information professionals.


Faculty researchers in business, medicine, science and technology, literature, history and other areas turn to ProQuest for expert curation, management and access to scholarly information, plus tools that enable collaboration and funding.

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Graduate Student

ProQuest delivers the vast current and historic content needed by graduate students—6 billion digital pages in multiple formats, spanning six centuries—along with precision search tools and multiple avenues for publishing students’ work.

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Informational Professional

ProQuest delivers premium pharmaceutical, engineering and patents content from the world’s most authoritative sources—in an intuitive interface with tools that support any user, from novice to expert, at every stage of the research process.

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Student & General Researcher

ProQuest supports 21st-century information literacy by replacing confusing and inefficient open web searches with premium content bundles and tools that help make an extraordinary range of scholarly information easier to acquire and use.

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ProQuest’s three patent families, full-text and bibliographic patenting authorities and the largest single-source collection of prior art enables patent investigations with forward and backward citations and non-patent literature searches.

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Research & Development

ProQuest’s extensive coverage from the world’s most authoritative publishers features deep indexing, specialized thesauri, and controlled vocabulary for better insight and the ability to stay both current and compliant.

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