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The Religion Database provides a wide range of primarily full-text, international periodicals for diverse religious and spiritual studies, covering formal theological studies of major religions, as well as the most recent trends and scholarly thought. Included are titles from religious publishing bodies and nondenominational organizations. The resource reflects a wide spectrum of religious belief systems and supports the global study of religion.

  • The Religion Database presently has over 200 full-text journals, over 150 with ongoing full text.
  • The vast majority of content is scholarly and designed to meet the needs of both religious studies programs and general library collections.
  • The Religion Database covers formal theological studies and commentary on topics of general interest from the perspectives of specific religions. To round out the collection, there are over 30 titles from religious publishing bodies and nondenominational organizations.
  • New titles are being licensed which will extend the usefulness of the resource. Journals that reflect global religions and new trends are being included. Recent additions include Journal of Global Buddhism, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, and Hebrew Studies.
  • The Religion Database offers many unique full-text titles that are not found in other religion databases.

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