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A series of in-depth primary source collections to support research and learning on policy related to today’s most pressing issues.

In the past, students and researchers have had to piece together information gathered from separate sources for a complete understanding of U.S. government policy on immigration.

The first installment of Trends and Policy focuses on U.S. Immigration and it simplifies the discovery process by providing a single location to cross-search relevant documents from 1790-today. These include U.S. immigration laws and other content from the legislative branch, reports and statistics from the executive and judicial branches and news content to provide additional information and context.

Statistics from many reports have been converted into CSV and Excel tables and users can export the statistics or create and export charts directly in the product for use in assignments and research.

Explore further

Explore immigration policies through topic pages organized according laws, events and countries of origin; and timelines that provide a linear perspective on the development of policy.

Connect the dots

Connect U.S. government policy with its impact and consequences by cross-searching with news articles, reports and other data sources for greater context and understanding.

Analyze and gain insight

Analyze, learn and gain insight from these various information sources to draw independent conclusions resulting in better research and learning outcomes.

Everything in one place

Providing their researches with a fundamental place to start their research. Including the most essential primary source documents on the subject from Legislative Branch (Public Laws, Hearings, Congressional Research Service, Government Accountability Office), Executive Branch (Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Census Bureau, Executive Office of Immigration review, and more).

Evergrowing content

Updated content to be added regularly throughout the year. And new topical collections to be available for purchase every year.

Explore a wide array of topics

Helping researchers within many disciplines - including history, political science, public policy, Latin American studies, Asian American studies, and sociology.

Built with expert advice

Interviewed over 30 librarians, two academic advisor and undergraduate & graduate used for testing.

Support & Training

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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