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Analyze. Connect. Discover
A text and data mining solution to discover new insights, make new connections, and challenge previous findings

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TDM Studio puts the power of text and data mining directly in the researcher’s hands. From an initial idea to the final output, this solution from ProQuest gives students, faculty and researchers access to text and data mining tools to help make new connections and uncover career defining research outcomes.


Access and analyze sought-after content for text and data mining with the flexibility of data analysis methods provided by ProQuest or using your preferred methods with open source programming languages R and Python.


Uncover relationships, patterns, and connections within and between datasets from a variety of sources. Collaborate in real time with your colleagues on text and data mining projects, improving productivity for your entire team.


Gain new insights and challenge previous findings with new discoveries through text and data mining. Keep your university at the forefront of data analytics with a solution designed for not only research, but also teaching and learning.

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Sought-After Content

TDM Studio offers a collection of ProQuest rights-cleared content across disciplines and format types and the ability to upload your own datasets.

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Utilize data analysis methods provided by ProQuest or your preferred methods using open-source programmatic languages like R and Python.

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Efficiency & Collaboration

Shorten the time to create datasets, provide consistent data schemas, and collaborate in real time with colleagues on a single platform.

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Research, Teaching & Learning

Enhance research, teaching and learning outcomes across campus with a solution designed for varied skill levels in research methodologies and approaches.

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ProQuest Content

Leverage the value of existing ProQuest collections from science, technology, and medicine to public policy, history and literature.

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Upload Your Content

Connect your datasets with ProQuest content, providing a truly comprehensive approach to data analysis.

  • Easily incorporate open access content such as institutional repositories or journal articles
  • Make use of additional content such as social media content and blogs
  • Upload your own datasets or content for which you have obtained the rights to text and data mine

For Libraries

  • Add value to an institution’s research workflow and output by providing a solution that increases efficiency and productivity
  • Showcase and leverage the value of content in existing collections
  • Create opportunities to partner with research teams and facilitate collaboration across disciplines to increase research effectiveness

For Faculty and Students

  • Enhance research, teaching and learning outcomes across campus
  • Designed for use with different skill levels in research methodologies and approaches
  • Teach standard methodologies and develop valuable research and data science skills

"One of my greatest research challenges is working with a corpus of millions of news articles, organizing the relevant content and matching it to other data. TDM Studio is helping me find patterns in data in a way that’s consistent, reliable, and in a way that makes sense.”
—Caleb Rawson, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

“TDM Studio offers clear value for researchers, not only making text and data mining activities more efficient but also ensuring adherence to relevant licensing terms.”
—Kate Worlock, Vice President and Lead Analyst, Outsell

"The use of text and data mining greatly increases the number of important questions we can answer. ProQuest has been an amazing partner in setting up a TDM infrastructure that is both powerful and easy to use."
—John Eric Humphries, Assistant Professor of Economics, Yale University

"In the medical field, we often don't have the manpower to go through tedious manual processes to analyze data. TDM Studio is helping us learn the right words and phrases to help target caregivers with self-care and self-management messages, reducing their risk of loneliness and depression."
—Sunmoo Yoon, Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University

Support & Training

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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