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Analyze. Visualize. Connect. Discover.
A text and data mining solution for research at all levels and all disciplines.

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Innovation often requires the analysis of thousands – even millions – of documents. That’s an impossible task for any human, and it’s exactly where text and data mining (TDM) comes in.

With TDM Studio, the end-to-end TDM solution from ProQuest, researchers have a new path to innovation. From an initial idea to the final output, TDM Studio leverages the power of a library’s content to help researchers make new connections and uncover career-defining outcomes.

Insights for Everyone, Regardless of Data-Mining Experience

Do you want to gain insights from a wealth of previously inaccessible content? Do you want to bring broad data science literacy to your university? TDM Studio may be your ideal solution. Here’s just a short list of what your institution can accomplish through the power of TDM Studio.

Analyze your library’s ProQuest collections covering any topic – from business and economics to history and literature. TDM Studio offers an unrivaled collection of ProQuest rights-cleared content across disciplines and format types, including current and historical newspapers, full-text dissertations and theses, scholarly journals and primary sources. Advanced researchers can also incorporate their own datasets, including open-access content such as institutional repositories and journal articles, and make use of additional content such as social media and blogs.

Visualize your results. Get the full picture of your research with easy-to-use and interactive data visualization tools. TDM Studio data visualizations are valuable for exploratory research, for introducing broad text mining skills across campus, and for research in the classroom.

Connect themes by uncovering relationships, patterns, and insights within and between datasets from a variety of sources. Improve productivity across your team by collaborating in real time with colleagues at your university and beyond. Users at all levels can use TDM Studio to forge new connections.

Experienced users with coding skills get full programmatic access with Python and R and the ability to collaborate in real time with colleagues, improving productivity for their team. Researchers without coding skills can take a simpler path to TDM with data analysis methods provided by ProQuest. Without knowing any programming language, users can pull together content, state-of-the-art data mining algorithms, and user-vetted visualizations to generate stunning results.

Discover unimaginable possibilities. Keep your university at the forefront of data analytics with a solution designed for research as well as teaching and learning. TDM Studio opens up a vast collection of contemporary and historic content has to incredible new potential.

ProQuest One

Sought-After Content

TDM Studio offers access to rights-cleared content from ProQuest subscriptions and purchases. This content is applicable across disciplines and can be applied to many different research questions by allowing users to create their own datasets.

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By combining an intuitive dataset creation capability, Jupyter Notebook access, and data visualizations, TDM Studio is able to support data literacy as well as research across disciplines and experience levels. Full programmatic access using Python or R provides flexibility for experienced researchers.

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TDM Studio can be applied to many different research questions by allowing users to create their own dataset with the most relevant documents for their research. In 10 minutes, you can ask a question and achieve a data visualization without having to know any programming language.

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Research, Teaching & Learning

Enhance research, teaching and learning outcomes across campus with a solution designed for varied skill levels in research methodologies and approaches.

ProQuest One

ProQuest Content

ProQuest One

Your Own Content

  • Connect your own rights-cleared data with ProQuest content
  • Easily incorporate open-access content such as institutional repositories or journal articles
  • Make use of additional content such as social media content and blogs

For Libraries

  • Add value to an institution’s research workflow and output
  • Showcase and leverage the value of content in existing collections
  • Build opportunities to partner with research teams and facilitate collaboration across disciplines

For Faculty and Students

  • Make new connections and uncover career-defining outcomes
  • Enhance teaching and learning outcomes across campus
  • Benefit from TDM regardless of your skill level or coding knowledge

Support & Training

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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