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ProQuest One Businesss is a solution designed to support the unique teaching and learning needs of business faculty and students.

Fast Facts

User experience designed for business
A wealth of in-demand resources
Prepares students for success
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Supporting Business Students on Their Path to Academic and Professional Success

ProQuest One Business is a new solution designed to support the unique teaching and learning needs of business faculty and students.

Developed in collaboration with faculty, students and business librarians, ProQuest One Business delivers a mix of practical and theoretical content in an interface that helps students build the research skills they'll need for success in their courses and careers.

A business-focused experience intuitively guides users to content like journal articles, books, and company, industry and country reports – the materials they need for their most common assignments. Company Overview Pages help students quickly find the best resources for in-depth company research, including SWOT analyses, case studies, and industry reports.

ProQuest One Business content includes:

  • Company, industry and country reports from providers such as the Economist Intelligence Unit and Fitch Solutions, and in-depth analyst reports from J.P. Morgan
  • Scholarly journal and ebook coverage from hundreds of renowned publishers, including Emerald and Springer
  • Full text of the three major global business news sources: The Wall Street Journal, the Economist and the Financial Times
  • A robust collection of video – including interviews with business leaders, case studies and trainings
ProQuest One Business
ProQuest One

A User Experience Designed for Business

  • Intuitively guides users to the content they need for common assignments like SWOT analyses, case studies and industry reports
  • Developed in collaboration with students, faculty, and librarians
ProQuest One

A Wealth of In-Demand Resources

  • Includes more of the valuable information needed by business students and researchers than any other single resource, including journals, newspapers, market research reports, dissertations, books and streaming video
  • Relevant and easy-to-find content generates more usage and enables the library to deliver greater value
ProQuest One

Prepares Students for Success

  • Builds the research skills that students need today – and that companies will look for tomorrow
  • Delivers a unique mix of practical and theoretical content in a business-specific interface
ProQuest One

Meets Today’s Challenges

  • An intuitive user experience means distance learners can navigate with ease – and libraries can spend less time on training and support
  • Relieves students of the costly burdens of personal news subscriptions and case study purchases
ProQuest One

Easy-to-Navigate Homepage

  • Helps users quickly find and select sources for their most common assignments
  • Visual, engaging and easy to navigate
ProQuest One

4,000 Company Pages

  • Company profile pages organized to help business students perform company analyses
  • Results organized by content type point users to the sources they need – quickly
ProQuest One

The Latest Publications

  • Publication pages direct users to the latest issues of key publications, many without embargo
  • Faculty can easily promote key publications in LibGuides or course syllabi

Support & Training

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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