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Unparalled documentary record
Objectives and actions of Congress
Public and Private sector testimony

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This valuable content is perfect for serious researchers of political science, history, social sciences, law, and more. Since the United States Congress studies everything, this comprehensive collection is an effective source for general research in many academic disciplines, in addition to research related to specific legislative proposals and laws. Offered in separately available modules organized by time to provide libraries with purchasing flexibility.

  • Content Type: Government & Official Publications, Hearings and Testimonies
  • MARC Records: Yes
  • COUNTER Compliant: Yes
  • OpenURL Enabled: Yes

Powerful metadata yields relevant search results

Users can quickly find the most relevant content by searching metadata or full text. Controlled vocabulary searching provides targeted search results across time.

Access to essential original testimony

Read the original testimony with supporting correspondence, articles, and memos. Essential to an understanding of U.S. political and social history, as well as current events.

Learn about legislative intent

Discover aspects of the legislative intent behind our laws as members of Congress discuss proposed legislation during this important stage of the legislative process.

Track testimony by witness affiliation over time

Find out which organizations testify during authorization and reauthorization of federally funded programs.

Understand how the past informs the present

Compare the latest hearings with historic hearings from the past.

Gain access to historic unpublished hearings

Retrospective hearings modules include access to transcripts of both published and unpublished hearings.

Fully integrated with additional optional modules for a unique congressional search experience

Search ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital Collection seamlessly in conjunction with separately purchased congressional and executive branch content to gain perspectives on all aspects of the legislative process and the implementation of enacted legislation.

Digital format saves shelf space

Hearings are often targeted for library weeding projects because they take up so much room in the stacks. Online digital access through fully searchable PDFs ensures these critical materials are always available to all researchers.

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ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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