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Connecting high-quality titles to higher education

Resources for College Libraries (RCL) cover the two- and four-year college curriculum, providing a list of core titles essential for undergraduate teaching and research. Co-published by ACRL’s Choice and ProQuest, the RCL database is designed to connect high-quality titles to higher education institutions, all in an easy-to-use, responsive interface.

Essential Discovery

Essential Discovery

With 90,000+ records across 125 curriculum-driven subject disciplines - and 45,000 new titles added each year, RCL connects users to the essential subject literature

Simplifies Workflows

Simplifies Workflows

Featuring LC classification, direct purchase options, and the ability to connect directly to local catalog holdings librarians to develop collections that connect to the curriculum

Top -Tier Selectors

Top -Tier Selectors

RCL’s experienced subject specialists select the most essential historical and contemporary titles for the undergraduate library collection and to support student research

RCL use cases for librarians

Use Case

RCL use cases for librarians

Explore how RCL simplifies library workflows―from collection assessment to instruction support.

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Including the updated Bowker Book Analysis System

Bowker Book Analysis System (BBAS) is a powerful collection-assessment tool that eliminates tedious manual comparison via customized reports for data cleansing and management and compares your library holdings against the comprehensive core bibliography of Resources for College Libraries (RCL). BBAS provides instant identification of the gaps and overlaps in your monograph collection—so you can make better-informed selection decisions while saving time and resources for your library.

Our knowledgeable subject editor group includes

Earned Doctoral Degrees


Founding Editors


Peer Reviewers


Diverse Academic Institutions

Get to Know RCL Subject Editors

Subject Specialists

Get to Know RCL Subject Editors

Get to Know RCL. Find out about the educational backgrounds of our RCL subject editors – and how they describe RCL in three words.

Meet the Subject Editors
RCL use cases for faculty

Use Case

RCL use cases for faculty

From identifying new course materials to conducting literature reviews, RCL ensures that teaching faculty have access to current and canonical titles. For engaged educators balancing teaching and scholarship, RCL serves as a time-saving discovery tool.

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Hear It From the Experts

RCL Webinar Invite

Long considered an authoritative resource for collection development, this webinar introduces new ways RCL can be used to support academic programs, improve liaison work, and contribute to student success. In this webinar, you’ll learn three methods for utilizing RCL’s core content in your library’s workflow:

  • Preparing accreditation or program reports
  • Managing new or interim subject responsibilities
  • Creating instruction and research tools

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RCL use case for students

Use Cases

RCL use case for students

With RCL, students easily find quality-based resources for research assignments. RCL’s curated collection is built for strategic exploration, helping connect learners to the subject literature and better understand the evolving contexts and constructs of scholarly inquiry.

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Subscription models to suit curriculum and collection development 

The RCL database is available in three subscription options, allowing you to select the content that suits your institution’s curriculum and collection development needs. From allied health to world history, RCL’s subject disciplines cover the primary programs of study across two- and four-year colleges and universities, supporting both the traditional liberal arts and technical college degree tracks.

Subscription Features

RCL for College Libraries

Covers the 4-year liberal arts and sciences college curriculum

  • 90,000 titles across 61disciplinary subjects
  • 1,300 online resources
  • 35,00 Choice titles 
  • 7,000 Choice OATs
  • 3% Annual Growth
RCL: Career Resources

Covers the 2-year community and technical college curriculum

  • 4,500 titles across 11 career clusters
  • 250 online resources
  • 640 Choice titles
  • 120 Choice OATs
  • 87% Titles in print
RCL Plus

Covers the entire 2 and  4-year curriculum

  • 125 disciplinary and career-oriented subjects
  • 4,500 adds each year
  • Over 1,100 publishers
  • 10, 376 award winners
RCL: Home Page

Training Video

RCL: Home Page

Learn about the features on the Homepage of Resources for College Libraries

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