The Newsweek Archive offers digital access the full run of the US edition of Newsweek, from its launch in 1933 to 2012 (when the print edition originally ceased).* With an international circulation that peaked at more than 3 million, it has been one of the largest and most influential weekly consumer magazines. Renowned for its high-quality reporting and commentary, the archive charts the key US and global events and issues across eight decades.

Launched as News-Week on 17 February 1933, the magazine initially emphasized an objective style of reporting but steadily expanded the type of news content to encompass breaking news, analysis, reviews, and commentary. It is known for its investigative reporting and its extensive coverage of issues relating to racism and civil rights from the 1960s forward. It also includes features and reviews in broader lifestyle, culture, and society topics.

* Due to the rarity of older print volumes, there may be small gaps (issues / pages)

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