19 May 2020 News Releases

De La Salle University Adopts Ex Libris Higher-Ed Cloud Platform to Support Online Teaching and Streamline Workflows

Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce De La Salle University has chosen the Alma library services platform, Primo discovery and delivery solution, and Leganto course resource list solution.

SINGAPORE, May 19, 2020 – Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce that De La Salle University (DLSU) has chosen the Ex Libris Alma® library services platform, Ex Libris Primo® discovery and delivery solution, and Ex Libris Leganto® course resource list solution to streamline workflows, enhance patrons’ user experience, and support teaching and learning.

A leading university in the Philippines, DLSU is renowned for its academic excellence, groundbreaking research, and community engagement. The university’s Libraries aim to facilitate access to their extensive collections and ensure a high level of service for all their patrons.

When seeking to upgrade its library services, the university determined that it would need a cloud-based SaaS solution to unify and efficiently manage its diverse information resources, streamline staff workflows, and enhance the user experience. The combined capabilities of the Ex Libris higher-ed cloud platform, including Alma, Primo and Leganto, offer an ideal solution for achieving these goals by providing workflow and information service integration, a unified management system for different types of resources, interoperability, support for open access, support of teaching and learning, and strong analytics and reporting mechanisms.

The cloud-based Alma, Primo, and Leganto solutions will make it easier for DLSU staff to manage their library remotely while ensuring that students have full access to library resources, no matter their location. The Leganto course resource solution enables faculty to ensure that students are up to date with course materials wherever they are, supporting online and blended learning.

“The DLSU Libraries continually endeavors to provide high-quality services to our community by adopting innovative technologies and services,” explained Christine Abrigo, Director of Libraries at De La Salle University. “The Ex Libris Alma unified workflows will increase the efficiency of our library processes, and the system’s robust analytics will support logical, data-driven decision-making, particularly for collection management. Along with the Primo services, our new system will help maximize the discovery and use of our information resources. And lastly, Leganto will help the library become a real partner in teaching and learning.”

“We are delighted that DLSU, a top university in the Philippines, is joining the Alma,  Primo, and Leganto communities,” commented Osher Gilinsky, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Ex Libris Asia Pacific. “The insights provided by the Alma, Primo, and Leganto services will enable DLSU to optimize its library collections, boost staff efficiency, and maintain its high level of patron service.”

About De La Salle University

De La Salle University positions itself as a leader in molding human resources who serve the church and the nation. It is a Catholic coeducational institution that was founded in 1911 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The University is a hub for higher education training and is renowned for its academic excellence, prolific and relevant research, and involved community service.

The De La Salle University Libraries advance the learning and research focuses of the university by providing high-quality information resources and learner-centered services and programs. Seven DLSU libraries provide services to a broad spectrum of users, from pre-university programs to graduate school. For more information, please visit https://www.dlsu.edu.ph/library/.

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