26 March 2019 News Releases, Academic, Community College, Faculty, Librarian

New Alexander Street Video Interface Dramatically Improves Searching and Viewing Experience

ProQuest has announced the launch of a new interface for its Alexander Street streaming video products, including Academic Video Online.

ANN ARBOR, MI, March 26, 2019 – A cinematic visual experience, intuitive design, innovative search, and recommendation capabilities are now available to faculty and students who use video on ProQuest’s Alexander Street™ platform.

Today, ProQuest announced the launch of a new interface for its Alexander Street™ streaming video products, including Academic Video Online, the world’s largest academically focused streaming video collection. The new interface is simpler and faster with a continued focus on content and features for the academic market – including on-screen transcripts, clip-making abilities and single-sign-on technology for seamless use with learning management systems.

“Streaming video is an essential resource for education, and users have extremely high expectations when it comes to the performance of their video products,” said David Parker, Senior Director of Product Management at ProQuest. “We’ve worked closely with customers to create the best video interface available. Video is a major priority for ProQuest – we’ll continue to make investments to the experience on our Alexander Street platform, as well as on the ProQuest® platform with the ProQuest One™ Academic product.”

“It’s a pleasure to work with a vendor who seeks real input from users on the front lines,” said Rebecca Oling, Associate Librarian at Purchase College, State University of New York. “ProQuest has done this with their new interface, and it is much improved. It has a cleaner look with a more immersive experience and faster results.”

During a multi-month “dual access” period, customers will have the option to try out the new experience and become familiar with its features and benefits. In mid-2019, all video-only collections will automatically redirect to the new interface.

Preview the new video interface: https://video.alexanderstreet.com.

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