02 May 2019 News Releases, Academic, Librarian

Mercer University to Foster Interdepartmental Collaboration through Ex Libris Alma and Primo

Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce Mercer University has selected the Alma library services platform and the Primo discovery and delivery solution.

CHICAGO, IL, May 2, 2019 – Ex Libris®, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce that Mercer University has selected the Ex Libris Alma® library services platform and the Ex Libris Primo® discovery and delivery solution. Alma and Primo will replace the Innovative Sierra library system and EBSCO Discovery Service™.

One of America’s oldest and most distinguished institutions of higher education, Mercer University provides programs on a number of campuses in Georgia. Offering degrees from the undergraduate to the doctoral level, Mercer is committed to constantly improving how departments, students, and faculty work together across the university, as well as how it can serve the larger community. One strategic initiative is the consolidation of the separate automation systems currently serving the university’s law, medicine, and university libraries.

In addition to its comprehensive print holdings, Mercer has a rapidly growing electronic collection. Using the Alma platform, the university will be able to unify workflows and increase the library system’s value for the library staff. The Alma Analytics module will help Mercer align services and resources with patron needs, and the Primo solution will provide customizable real-time discovery and delivery of scholarly materials, both print and electronic.

The Alma platform and Primo solution share the Ex Libris cloud-based higher education infrastructure, enabling Mercer to benefit from the elimination of hardware-related costs and from the simplification of library management. Updated regularly, the system will automatically incorporate new features, including the latest security measures. By investing in the platform, Mercer will deepen its libraries’ impact on teaching, learning, and research.

“The Mercer libraries are looking forward to implementing the Alma and Primo solutions,” said Jeremy Brown, assistant dean for technical services and systems at the University Library. “We see our investment in the premier academic library platform as an opportunity to help us work more closely together and provide the best possible services to our scholarly community.”

“Ex Libris is happy to welcome Mercer University to the Alma and Primo user communities. Library patrons will enjoy easy access to the university’s comprehensive collection and staff members will benefit from streamlined resource management and cross-university collaboration,” added Eric Hines, president of Ex Libris North America.

About the Mercer University Library

The Mercer University Library (https://libraries.mercer.edu) offers strong collections of print and electronic resources and has a talented library staff of 43, serving 1,600 university employees and over 8,500 students. Mercer is the only independent university of its size to offer programs in liberal arts, business, engineering, education, law, medicine, music, nursing, pharmacy, and theology. For more information, visit https://www.mercer.edu.

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