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Introducing ProQuest One™ Literature: A New Destination for Modern Literary Studies

Developed in collaboration with faculty and librarians, ProQuest One Literature brings together the largest, most inclusive literature collection with a wealth of additional multi-media, multi-format resources.

ANN ARBOR, MI, October 22, 2019 – Faculty, students and librarians are leading the call for a resource that can function as the single destination for literary research, teaching and learning. Today, ProQuest announces a solution to support all facets of literature scholarship: ProQuest One™ Literature.

Developed in collaboration with faculty and librarians from universities with renowned literature departments, ProQuest One Literature brings together the largest, most inclusive literature collection ever curated with a wealth of additional multi-media, multi-format resources. The product has a unique focus on diversity, with a large collection of works by authors who have been marginalized throughout history.

“There’s a crying need for convenient access to texts representing a range of ethnicities and experiences from around the globe, as well as for tools to critically analyze those texts,” said Nick Okrent, Librarian at the University of Pennsylvania’s Van Pelt Library. “A platform with high-quality search functionality and extensive content – including relevant primary and secondary sources – will go a long way towards meeting this need. The idea of a product that synthesizes extensive literature content and leverages metadata to organize it rationally is an idea whose time has come.”

ProQuest One Literature gives faculty and students access to millions of sources to meet that need for diversity, functionality and content, including:

  • A wealth of multi-format resources to help researchers and students gain a deeper understanding of literature. ProQuest One Literature users have access to more than 3 million literary criticism citations, 14,000 dissertations, 20,000 ebooks, 1,300 videos and 1,200 full-text journals – so they can fully explore and experience the breadth of content related to their literary research question.
  • 500,000 primary texts written by authors from more than 65 nations, including the ProQuest Black Writing Collection and World Literature Collection, serving the growing numbers of scholars and students who seek a global, diverse representation…
  • … alongside works spanning the canon of traditional Western Literature covering poetry, prose and drama from the eighth century to today.
  • An unprecedented, discipline-specific approach for literary studies research to make researching more comprehensive, relevant and productive for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. Author, work and movement pages serve as “one-stop” entry points for information related to an author, work or movement, and expert indexing brings disparate formats and literary content together in a way that has never been done before.
  • 1.1 million bibliographic citations from the Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature (ABELL), a renowned index from the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) and a definitive resource for literary criticism.

The product is available on the award-winning ProQuest platform and searchable alongside other ProQuest resources.

“Whether used for a contained course assignment or a jumping-off point for original research, ProQuest One Literature can spark creativity for both teachers and students,” said Mark Schoenfield, Professor of English at Vanderbilt University. “This approach brings together different perspectives and formats for individual research by undergraduates and grad students, but also allows for a pedagogy of exploration with any syllabus, and for a multitude of theoretical and cultural approaches to literary studies.”

ProQuest will continue an ongoing collaboration with the literature community to evolve and curate the product, adding even more content and analytic solutions.

“Collaboration with library staff and faculty advisory groups makes ProQuest One Literature a resource of the community and for the community,” said Katie Birch, Director of Product Management at ProQuest. “Our customers asked for a product that saves time for students and faculty, enriches curriculum and eliminates barriers to research. We’re proud to work with our respected advisers to launch a resource that will improve research, teaching and learning outcomes.”

ProQuest One Literature is the latest innovation in the ProQuest One initiative, a series of solutions that will enable libraries to serve broad, evolving research, teaching and learning mandates, ultimately improving outcomes for their institutions. ProQuest One debuted in January 2019 with the launch of ProQuest One Academic, now being adopted by institutions across the globe.

Learn more about ProQuest One Literature on our website.

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