19 December 2019 News Releases, Academic, Librarian

California Baptist University Adopts Ex Libris RapidILL System to Streamline Interlibrary Loan

Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce California Baptist University is implementing the RapidILLTM interlibrary loan and resource sharing system to maximize resource accessibility for all library patrons.

CHICAGO, IL, December 19, 2019 – Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce that California Baptist University (CBU) is implementing the Ex Libris RapidILLTM interlibrary loan and resource sharing system to maximize resource accessibility for all CBU library patrons.

With the growth of the university, its library has been serving more and more students—and more degree programs—with the same size staff. The allocation of budget dollars and staff time has reached a critical point, requiring a strategic solution.

CBU determined that that a modern system for interlibrary loan was called for. A crucial requirement was the system’s ability to support fast delivery with ease of use and ease of implementation. As a sleek, efficient, low-overhead approach to interlibrary loan and resource management, the RapidILL system fills the gaps between CBU’s collections and patrons’ needs.

“In the era of global knowledge bases, there’s no reason for interlibrary loan borrowers to ‘go fishing’ for items at libraries that may or may not be able to provide such items,” explained CBU Assistant Library Director for Resources and Electronic Resources Librarian Matthew Goddard. “If the library doesn’t have something, we want our users to be able to say, ‘No big deal—I’ll get it quickly and easily via interlibrary loan.’ With RapidILL, our patrons benefit from a better user experience and we have an opportunity to lessen the strain on our collections budget.”

The adoption of the RapidILL system is an important strategic move for the library. “In an era of uncertainty about the future of academic content licensing, investing in a resource sharing solution like RapidILL makes sense,” Goddard noted. “RapidILL has greatly streamlined our non-returnable interlibrary loan processes and made them far more efficient. We would recommend this solution to any library looking to improve in the area of resource sharing.”

“We are pleased that California Baptist University selected the RapidILL system to provide patrons with easy access to the materials they need,” commented Dvir Hoffman, corporate vice president of resource management solutions at Ex Libris. “CBU’s choice of the RapidILL solution is yet another vote of confidence in its capabilities to support fast and cost-effective resource sharing. We warmly welcome California Baptist University to the Ex Libris community.”

“It is exciting to welcome California Baptist University to the RapidILL and Ex Libris user communities,” commented Eric Hines, president of Ex Libris North America. “The university can now benefit from optimized interlibrary loan and improved, community-driven resource-sharing.”

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California Baptist University (CBU), one of the top private Christian colleges and universities in the inland region of southern California, is a diverse and rapidly growing institution of over 10,000 students. For more information, see https://calbaptist.edu/about/.

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