20 December 2017 News Releases

Key Documentaries Now Available from Alexander Street

High-quality educational documentaries from Docuseek2 are now available on the Alexander Street platform – including 1,800 titles covering science, humanities, history, political science, the arts and more.

ALEXANDRIA, VA, December 20, 2017 – The popularity of high-quality documentaries for research and learning is growing as students and faculty increasingly rely on these resources for deeper understanding of events. Now, libraries can quickly and affordably expand their collections to include premier documentaries. Docuseek2, a leading distributor of documentary films in the education space, has teamed with Alexander Street, a ProQuest company, to bring their second edition collection of 1,800 titles to researchers and educators.

The Docuseek2 Complete Collection: Second Edition curates the best documentaries in the sciences, humanities, history, political science, the arts and more. The collection provides exclusive access to content from Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films (including The Fanlight Collection and dGenerate Films), Kartemquin Films, the National Film Board of Canada, MediaStorm, KimStim, Scorpion TV and Terra Nova Films. Films from the BBC, CBC, Television Trust for the Environment, and independent filmmakers from around the world are also included.

Chris Lewis, Media Librarian at American University said, of the collection, “If you love documentaries, Docuseek2 is an embarrassment of riches. If you love the art of the documentary, Docuseek2 will keep you busy for years. There is simply no other documentary collection on par with Docuseek2. From classics to curiosities, Docuseek2 is a trove of documentary riches”.

Via Alexander Street’s streaming video platform, Docuseek2 works are enhanced for classroom and research use. For example, synchronous, searchable scrolling transcripts simplify discovery by taking the user directly to the relevant segments of the film. The clip-making tool allows users to annotate and embed clips in their LMS, papers and assignments. Faculty can create playlists that are easily accessible within a syllabus or LMS.

Key titles within the new collection include:

New Releases:

  • After the Spill (2016) – an in-depth look at the aftereffects of Deepwater Horizon and continuing oil-and-gas industry activities in Louisiana
  • Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock (2017) – a documentary on the Dakota Pipeline and the activism surrounding it by Oscar-nominated and indigenous filmmakers
  • Company Town (2017) – a look at the effect of modern corporations (Airbnb, Uber) on urban communities like San Francisco and Seattle
  • Free Lunch Society (2017) – explores the idea of an unconditional basic income
  • Nothing is Forgiven (2017) –a young Moroccan woman and journalist who, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, finds her life transformed
  • We the Workers (2017) – the birth of a nascent labor movement in China

Note: Transcripts available in February 2018

Featured Titles:

“Docuseek2 curates essential content for academics, and the second edition brings a rich variety of new works,” said David Parker, Vice President of Product Management for Alexander Street. “We are delighted to have this partnership and feel that Alexander Street is the perfect platform to deliver the content from Docuseek2 to the academic audience.”

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