26 September 2016 News Releases

Ex Libris Collaborates with Rosetta Users for Release of Rosetta 5.1

Ex Libris®, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce the release of version 5.1 of the Rosetta digital management and preservation system.

JERUSALEM, Israel, September 26, 2016 – Ex Libris®, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce the release of version 5.1 of the Rosetta digital management and preservation system. The new version was created in collaboration with the Rosetta User Group and reflects the needs and priorities of the growing Rosetta customer community.

Designed with users in mind, Rosetta 5.1 features an improved user experience, as well as a graphical metadata editor that facilitates the management of all metadata formats. The new version streamlines the processes involved in digital preservation and asset management. For example, before putting a preservation plan into place, users can now employ a file-comparison tool to check the quality of the files that will be created. Users can arrange collections and sub-collections into meaningful display categories and thus simplify navigation in display interfaces such as the Ex Libris Primo Collection Discovery lobby.

Rosetta 5.1 also includes a new HTML5 viewer and enhanced support for mobile devices. Data assets in multiple formats, such as images, audio, and video content, are now always available and accessible.

Matthias Gross from the Bavarian State Library in Munich, head of the Bavarian Virtual Library, said, "We are pleased that our collaboration with the Rosetta development team has resulted in the inclusion of key features in Rosetta 5.1 that will make our work easier. An improvement in both experience and workflow, the new Rosetta version benefits from the practical knowledge and expertise of the Rosetta User Group."

“Version 5.1 is an excellent example of our fruitful collaboration with the growing Rosetta User Group,” commented Dvir Hoffman, vice president of product management and marketing at Ex Libris. “Thanks to input from our users, the new Rosetta version is a major step forward in serving our customers’ needs and supporting future digital preservation and asset-management workflows. We are confident that our users will find that this version of Rosetta further simplifies and streamlines their preservation and management efforts.”

For a full list of the features included in Rosetta 5.1, see the Rosetta Release Notes.

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Adopted by over 250 institutions worldwide, Rosetta is a complete digital asset management and preservation solution covering the full life cycle of any type of content, from deposit to delivery to archiving. Rosetta enables academic institutions as well as libraries, archives, and other memory institutions to manage, preserve, and provide access in perpetuity to institutional documents, research output in digital formats, digital images, websites, and other digitally born and digitized materials.

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