02 August 2016 News Releases

Access-to-Own Now Available on ProQuest® Ebook Central™ Platform

ProQuest’s highly-anticipated Access-to-Own ebook acquisition model is now available.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, August 2, 2016 – ProQuest’s highly-anticipated Access-to-Own ebook acquisition model is now available, enabling libraries to offer access to diverse content while applying spending on short-term loans to title ownership. Access-to-Own empowers libraries to build quality ebook collections based on the real needs of their users.

The Access-to-Own model adds to the wide choice of flexible ebook acquisition options available on the ProQuest® Ebook Central™ platform. Libraries can choose from a variety of access models or mix and match models to build ebook collections that best fit their patrons’ needs and maximize library budgets.

“Ten years ago, our library pioneered Demand Driven Acquisition for ebooks with ProQuest, enabling us to give a voice to our users in developing our collection,” said Tony Davies, Associate Director, Information Resources, Swinburne University of Technology Library. “Today, we’re looking forward to advancing our acquisition strategy again with Access-to-Own, an exciting new opportunity to further develop our ebooks collection based on demonstrated value, aligned directly with our users’ needs.”

With Access-to-Own, budget dollars spent on ebook loans triggered through Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) are applied to title ownership. It’s ideal for research institutions and academic libraries who want to use usage-based purchasing for frontlist and backlist content and want to balance expenditures going toward ownership versus access. It can also be used in conjunction with individual title purchasing, subscription and DDA programs.

ProQuest market research shows that ebook budgets are holding steady or increasing at 80 percent of academic libraries. Some libraries attributed the increases to their DDA program’s ability to demonstrate a return on investment, showing the importance of that purchasing model. Access-to-Own can align with DDA-short-term loans or DDA-purchase programs, enabling broader use of evidence-based acquisition.

“At ProQuest, we strive to continually innovate solutions that enable libraries to work more efficiently and get the best value from their budgets.” said Kari Paulson, Vice President, Market Development, ProQuest Books. “Access-to-Own is another great advance, developed in teamwork with nearly 300 publishing partners to support libraries’ demand for evidence-based acquisition tools. Together, we’re building a sustainable ebook landscape.”

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