29 September 2015 News Releases

Cornell University Library and ProQuest Team Up for Faster, More Efficient Book Selection and Acquisition

ProQuest is working with Cornell University Library to develop a dynamic book-selection system to aggregate metadata from multiple sources into a single streamlined interface.

ANN ARBOR, MI, September 29, 2015 – ProQuest is working with Cornell University Library to develop a dynamic book-selection system that will aggregate metadata from multiple sources into a single streamlined interface. This will enable highly efficient selection and acquisitions workflows. The custom interface is part of a new agreement in which Cornell University Library will use ProQuest as the primary source for its English-language print books, a significant expansion of Cornell University Library’s long-standing relationship with Coutts Information Services for print and ebook Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) programs.

“As the range of options for purchasing books continues to expand, we require tools that will help our librarians make informed decisions without having to sort through extraneous information in many different systems,” said Jesse Koennecke, the director of acquisitions and e-resource licensing services for Cornell University Library.  “Cornell University Library is pleased to be building on our long term relationships with Coutts and ProQuest to help improve the selection experience.”

"ProQuest and Cornell University Library share a belief in the importance of library-vendor partnerships in driving practical innovations that advance our whole community,” said Bob Nardini, ProQuest vice president, Library Services. "We’re excited to team with a group of highly engaged librarians, sharing our technical expertise to create a book selection system that will interest libraries everywhere."

The new interface will aggregate book metadata from multiple sources into a single selection and acquisition workflow in OASIS (Online Acquisitions and Selection Information System). OASIS, a web-based system for searching, selecting and ordering print and electronic titles, matches the market’s broadest title database with powerful search tools to locate titles quickly and efficiently. OASIS will be used by Cornell University Library as its primary source for securing English-language print books from North America, the UK and other regions of the world.

Coutts Information Services joined ProQuest in April 2015, bringing its expertise in collection development, broad catalog of print and digital titles, and MyiLibrary and OASIS platforms. Coutts is an integral part of ProQuest’s Books unit, which encompasses the widest selection of ebooks supporting research and a rapidly evolving technology framework for discovery, access and management of book content. ProQuest’s vision is to combine the unit’s collective strengths, creating an integrated workflow for print and digital content that will save librarians time and provide a superior book experience for end users.

About Cornell University Library

One of the leading academic research libraries in the United States, the Cornell University Library is a highly valued partner in teaching, research, and learning at the university, offering cutting-edge services and a full spectrum of library resources, from rare books and manuscripts to a rapidly expanding network of digital resources. Through such initiatives as the life sciences portal, the installation of a pioneering high- end mobile and flexible computer laboratory designed specifically for collaborative use, and innovative scholarly publishing support, the Library is an integral component of Cornell University’s many educational programs and research projects.

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