09 October 2013 News Releases

International Publisher Agreements Expand Summon Discovery Service Content

Serial Solutions will work with three key international publishers to index their content. Researchers around the world will benefit from the ability to discover this international scholarly academic content from alongside their library’s other resources.

 Serials Solutions®, a ProQuest® business, announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair it will work with three key international publishers, Minha Biblioteca, Universitetsforlaget AS and Boom uitgevers Den Haag, to index their content in the Summon discovery service. Researchers around the world will benefit from the ability to discover this international scholarly academic content from alongside their library’s other resources.

Working with these three publishers demonstrates the on-going commitment to bring together international content in a single unified index. Unlike other discovery services, the Summon service leverages a unique match and merge technology that combines different types of metadata and information from multiple sources creating a single record optimized for discovery.  This unique approach exposes resources to more users, direct researchers to full text when available, and maximizes the value and usage of a library’s collections.

Michael Hirsch, Vice President Product Management, ProQuest said, “We continue to work closely with publishers to build and maintain a comprehensive collection of international research content in single index. The architecture of the Summon service provides advanced native language searching capabilities and ensure unbiased, language-tuned relevance ranking to expose this diverse content to more researchers.”

Minha Biblioteca is a digital content consortium created by four of Brazil’s largest scientific, technical, and medical (STM) publishers – Editora Atlas, Grupo A Editoras, GEN – Grupo Editorial Nacional and Editora Saraiva. The consortium’s catalogue exceeds 12,000 e-book titles and covers almost all areas of knowledge, particularly in the areas of law, health, business administration and engineering.

Universitetsforlaget AS offers idunn.no, a database of 49 leading Nordic scientific journals. Including subscription and open access titles, idunn.no contains scholarly academic content that is peer-reviews by editors who have deep professional respect within their field of study. An important resource to libraries in Scandinavia, idunn.no covers most areas of knowledge, particularly in the areas of law, social sciences, humanities, health and social studies, business and administration.

Boom uitgevers Den Haag is an academic/educational publisher of scientific content and consists of Boom Lemma uitgevers, Boom Juridische uitgevers, Boom fiscale uitgevers and Eleven international publishing. Boom uitgevers Den Haag provides a large number of online journals and e-books in various fields, such as public administration and political science, communications and media, criminology, health care, law, methodology and social sciences.

The Summon service is the first and only discovery service based on a single, unified index of content, leveraging its unique “match and merge” technology to combine rich metadata and full text from multiple sources to ultimately make items more discoverable. The Summon service index contains more than 1.4 billion items in which the vast majority of article and book content is full-text searchable.

Used by more than 600 libraries in more than 40 countries, the Summon discovery service is proven to increase usage of library resources across a library’s collection without bias to format, vendor, or platform. With the introduction of Summon® 2.0 – groundbreaking features and a new, modern interface – the Summon service continues to deliver on its mission to return researchers to the library by providing a user experience that resonates with users familiar with open web search engines. Streamlined navigation and contextual guidance features significantly advance the research experience and provide greater opportunities for librarians to deliver value and scale their services to connect with more users.


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