19 June 2013 News Releases

ProQuest Publishes 254th Edition of Annual Register

The release of the 254th edition of the acclaimed The Annual Register: World Events was celebrated by its publisher ProQuest today with a gathering of historians at London’s The British Academy.

The release of the 254th edition of the acclaimed The Annual Register: World Events was celebrated by its publisher ProQuest today with a gathering of historians at London’s The British Academy. The sponsorship of a guest lecture on current events and the impact of The Annual Register on their study has become a tradition to mark the work’s publication. This year’s lecture – The Limits of Foreign Military Intervention – was delivered by Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University.

"With the arguments raging over western intervention in Syria, it is essential that independent critical analysis of the issue is undertaken and communicated, not least to any politicians now contemplating action," said Professor Rogers. "This requires a thorough sense of the recent history of intervention, an aspect greatly aided by The Annual Register's meticulous coverage of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other conflicts."

Now published online, as an ebook and in its traditional hardbound format, The Annual Register is a year-by-year analysis of world events that was first published in 1758. It was originally conceived as a miscellany — reproducing state papers, reviewing important books, and featuring historical sketches, poetry, observations on natural history, and other essays from books and periodicals. Its history section was expanded later in the eighteenth century, when editorial interest focused on the French Revolution and its aftermath. The expansion of coverage of world events came at the expense of the sketches, reviews and other essays, and in the early twentieth century The Annual Register took the essential shape in which it continues today. It opens with an overview of the year’s major global events, followed by essays on every country in the world. It also includes expert analysis of developments in the fields of economy, culture, law, science and the environment, a chronicle of the year, a selection of documents, and obituaries of eminent persons.

The Annual Register has become renowned for its objective and thorough commentary on important world events. The 2013 edition includes coverage of the Eurozone debt crisis, the London Olympics, Putin's return to the presidency in Russia, and civil war in Syria, among other significant happenings. Readers can access The Annual Register's rich content in print or in its online version, which includes every volume published since 1758, creating an essential source of historical research. Its ebook format comes via ProQuest's ebrary® business, which enables libraries to make contents of the last ten editions available as e-books (with the complete backfile to follow soon), supported by rich features and functionality, such as notes, highlights, and shareable bookshelves. The Annual Register can also be ordered as an individual e-book — through perpetual archive and patron driven acquisition models — or as part of the most scholarly Academic Complete™ subscription collection. As an e-book, The Annual Register is accessible on any web-enabled device, with mobile apps for iOS and Android™.

To learn more about The Annual Register, visit www.proquest.com.

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