10 January 2008 News Releases

Introducing Serials Solutions® KnowledgeWorks

Serials Solutions, a business unit of ProQuest, today introduced Serials Solutions® KnowledgeWorks, an authoritative e-resource knowledgebase covering e-journals, e-books, and more,

Serials Solutions, a business unit of ProQuest, today introduced Serials Solutions® KnowledgeWorks, the authoritative e-resource knowledgebase. This expanded and improved knowledgebase covers e-journals, e-books, and more; new legal citations abbreviations; and titles entered through a new Library Managed Holdings feature.

Serials Solutions is re-introducing its knowledgebase as a distinct brand to recognize the value that the knowledgebase provides to the Serials Solutions® 360 e-resource access and management solution. The Serials Solutions knowledgebase is a part of the Serials Solutions® AMS™ Access and Management Service, now known as 360 Core.

Since 2000, Serials Solutions has been the leading provider of metadata for e-resources and has developed its authoritative e-resource knowledgebase on the principles of accuracy, completeness, and accessibility. This knowledgebase is integrated with all Serials Solutions services and provides a single source of accurate data as well as maintaining local customizations for each client library for every service.

“It’s this sharing of corrected metadata that makes our services work,” says Jane Burke, General Manager of Serials Solutions, “That’s why we’ve named our knowledgebase KnowledgeWorks.”

To maintain an accurate and up-to-date knowledgebase, Serials Solutions employs a team of professional librarians who maintain our ethos of developing the premier knowledgebase “by librarians for librarians.” The KnowledgeWorks team works closely with content providers to collect and correct bibliographic metadata.

They correct the metadata received from content providers using proprietary software tools to correct missing and erroneous data and normalize titles across vendors to authority sources. Finally, this data is locally customized and used to connect patrons with content. Better data in means better data out, better search results, better MARC Records, better connections, and more accurate reporting.

Today, KnowledgeWorks continues to be the only knowledgebase shared by integrated e-resource access, management, and assessment solutions, and the most accurate and comprehensive data available. As of January 2008 the knowledgebase includes over 6500 databases, 106,000 unique titles, 1,200,000 CONSER MARC records, and 97 million library holdings.

In addition, Serials Solutions applies over 16,000 rules to more than 750 databases to address specific reporting problems from vendors and correct confusing or incorrect data. KnowledgeWorks users also participate in an error correcting “community” that leverages the “network effect” of thousands of librarians who also are reviewing the data and providing corrections. When corrections are made, all client libraries benefit from the correction. Changes are incorporated daily so that all 360 services provide the latest and most accurate information.

In conjunction with KnowledgeWorks, Serials Solutions is introducing the new KnowledgeWorks Certified program to promote greater cooperation with content providers. This program helps Serials Solutions develop the best possible relationships with content providers so that our librarians can maintain the highest quality information within KnowledgeWorks. When content providers participate in the KnowledgeWorks Certified program, librarians can trust that their patrons will receive the best possible access to e-resources.


About Serials Solutions

Since introducing the first A-to-Z Title List in 2000, Serials Solutions has been a global leader in the library technology marketplace. Founded by a librarian for librarians, Serials Solutions helps library staff and patrons find and use electronic content. Today, with over 2000 clients worldwide, Serials Solutions is the premier vendor of e-resource access and management services (ERAMS), providing a complete and integrated access and management solution for libraries of all sizes and types. The Serials Solutions family of services includes 360 Core, 360 Link, 360 Search, 360 MARC Updates, 360 Resource Manager, and the new 360 Counter e-resource assessment service. The foundation of Serials Solutions technology is Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks, the authoritative e-resource knowledgebase. Serials Solutions is also the exclusive source for Ulrichsweb.com and Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System. Through its Software as a Service (SaaS) technology model, Serials Solutions provides fast implementation, easy customization, and outstanding value to its client libraries. Serials Solutions is a business unit of ProQuest.

About ProQuest

ProQuest was formed by the merger in 2007 of two leading and historic information technology firms: ProQuest Information and Learning and CSA. The company now provides seamless access to and navigation of more than 125 billion digital pages of the world’s scholarship, delivering it to the desktop and into the workflow of serious researchers in multiple fields, from arts and literature to science, technology, and medicine.

ProQuest’s vast content pools are available to researchers through libraries of all types and include the world’s largest digital newspaper archive, periodical databases comprising the output of more than 9,000 publishers and spanning more than 500 years, the preeminent dissertation collection, and various other scholarly collections. Through the expertise of its business units, Serials Solutions and COS, ProQuest provides technological tools that allow researchers and libraries to better manage and use their information resources. Web: www.csa.com, www.proquest.com