28 February 2007 News Releases

Serials Solutions incorporates MARC Records from Libraries Australia

2007 news release featuring Serials Solutions' announcement of its incorporation of records from the Australian National Bibliographic Database into its knowledgebase.

Serials Solutions, a business unit of ProQuest CSA, has announced that the company is expanding its cataloging reach by incorporating records from the Australian National Bibliographic Database into its knowledgebase. These records will provide significant additional bibliographic data for clients with Serials Solutions MARC Updating Service when CONSER records are not available.

Hosted by the National Library of Australia, Australian National Bibliographic Database provides access to material held in over 850 Australian libraries. This national union catalogue is accessible via the Libraries Australia service (formerly known as Kinetica and ABN, the Australian Bibliographic Network) and has been compiled since 1981.

Libraries Australia enhances Serials Solutions MARC Updating Service (formerly known as Full MARC Records), which delivers accurate MARC information for e-resources to library OPACs. The MARC Updating Service is a popular component of the Serials Solutions suite of integrated e-resource access and management services (ERAMS). Seventy-five percent of Serials Solutions subscribers in Australia and New Zealand use the MARC Updating Service.

“The high quality of this data is a great addition to our authority-based knowledgebase, and with it we’ve been able to satisfy a number of requests made by our international clients for additional MARC records.” says Peter McCracken, Serials Solutions Co-founder and Director of Electronic Content Management.

Serials Solutions accesses the Libraries Australia database to quickly and efficiently download quality MARC records into its knowledgebase for titles not covered by the Library of Congress. Serials Solutions catalogers then normalize these records and distribute them on demand to MARC Updating Service clients.

Through Serials Solutions, the State Library of Tasmania is able to provide over 3,787 MARC records for titles within 10 electronic database products. Anita Brown, Manager (Resource & Access) of the library, says “Before starting the Serials Solutions record service, the State Library of Tasmania customized the default MARC records to suit local requirements. Now, this work is easily incorporated into routine workflows for cataloguing and systems staff.”

The Libraries Australia records are increasing Serials Solutions coverage of key Australian databases like Informit’s A+ Education. Serials Solutions previously covered 55% of the Informit A+ database records and now can provide 100% full MARC coverage. The company is currently tracking 11 full-text Informit databases.

Serials Solutions plans to incorporate additional quality sources of MARC data over the coming months and will continue to edit and improve CONSER records through the company’s association with CONSER and with ISSN.org.

About Serials Solutions

Since introducing the first A-to-Z Title List in 2000, Serials Solutions has been a global leader in the library technology marketplace. Founded by a librarian for librarians, Serials Solutions helps library staff and patrons find and use electronic content. Today, with over 1,800 clients worldwide, Serials Solutions is the premier vendor of e-resource access and management services (ERAMS), providing a complete and integrated suite of services designed for libraries of all sizes. The Serials Solutions family of services includes AMS™ Access & Management Service, MARC™ Updating Service, Article Linker™ OpenURL link resolver, Central Search™ federated search engine, and the ERMS™ Electronic Resource Management Service. At the core of Serials Solutions technology is its industry-leading knowledgebase, the original and premier collection of e-resource data metadata available. Through its Software as a Service (SaaS) technology model, Serials Solutions provides fast implementation, easy customization, and outstanding value to its client libraries. Serials Solutions is a business unit of ProQuest CSA. For more information, please visit ww.serialssolutions.com or call 1-866-SERIALS.

About ProQuest CSA

ProQuest CSA, part of Cambridge Information Group, was formed in 2007 through the merger of two leading and historic information technology firms: ProQuest Information and Learning and CSA. As ProQuest CSA, the company provides seamless access to and navigation of more than 125 billion digital pages of the world’s scholarship, delivering it to the desktop and into the workflow of serious researchers in multiple fields, from arts and literature to science, technology and medicine.

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