12 February 2007 News Releases

ProQuest and CSA join forces to create ProQuest CSA

ProQuest and CSA join forces to create ProQuest CSA

Today is an important day, the day ProQuest and CSA officially join forces. Separately, these two organizations have a shared purpose: to provide serious researchers with high quality information solutions, illuminated through authoritative discovery aids, and unlocked through powerful enabling technologies. Through decades of direct interaction with researchers, the two companies have earned a global reputation for providing high quality products supported by top-notch service. This is a time of rapid change in the information industry, as companies continue to find new ways to provide information. What an exciting time for these two like-minded companies to come together!

Our objective will be to build an organization that reflects the fine traditions of both ProQuest and CSA. Guiding our plans will be our passion for meeting the research needs of the end-user; our drive to help that researcher find what they need, better and faster than ever; and our firm belief that our success stems ultimately from the success of those who use our products.

We’ve come together, well-positioned to create new, innovative, editorially excellent, technology enabled research solutions, while continuing to deliver the research databases upon which you’ve come to depend. CSA Illustrata and ProQuest One-Click searching are recent releases highlighting the innovative thinking found in our two companies. Imagine the possibilities that stem from this union!

You likely have questions about what this means to you and your users.We are embarking on a thoughtful but fast-paced process to evaluate how best to serve you by uniting the best each company offers.We will seek the advice of our customers, including those serving on our advisory boards, and our content providers as we make decisions during the integration process.

You have our commitment to keep you informed about any changes that might affect you. The name ProQuest CSA will be used to facilitate easy recognition.We will ensure that you have the information you need—whether product information or contact information—at all times. For the immediate future, please continue to work with the sales and service representatives you currently use.You can be confident that all of your contracts, license rights, and account balances will be intact, regardless of whether held by ProQuest or CSA.

While we are just beginning the process of bringing these two companies together, the commitment to serve libraries comes through in every conversation. The opportunity to work with you, our valued customers, and the employees around the world who care so much about creating high quality research solutions for you is deeply valued. We look forward to many conversations with librarians and researchers around the globe. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either of us, with comments, or questions, or observations. Here’s to creating a company with a bright new future together: the place where serious research starts.