07 November 2006 News Releases

Serials Solutions Announces Personalized ERMS On-Site Professional Consulting Services

Serials Solutions Announces Personalized ERMS On-Site Professional Consulting Services

Serials Solutions, a business unit of ProQuest Information and Learning, is now offering ERMS™ On-Site Professional Consulting services. Created to optimize library implementation of Serials Solutions ERMS Electronic Resource Management System, the new service is a hands-on, two-day session during which a Serials Solutions library training consultant analyzes a library’s e-resource workflow and recommends practices that will generate greater efficiency.

“While acquisition workflow for print resources is well-developed, e-resource management continues to challenge librarians,” says Mike Showalter, Serials Solutions Group Product Manager. “Our new consulting service will help simplify all the processes around e-resource management and help librarians decide how to work most effectively with them.”

Serials Solutions ERMS Electronic Resource Management System is designed to streamline every stage of the e-resource lifecycle and manage complex data.  An important element is its focus on library staff coordination, clarifying the roles and responsibilities surrounding ERMS data management and input. Consultants work with librarians to review ERMS functionality, create improved guidelines for data entry, and provide custom-tailored recommendations for data access and management.

“Libraries need both an excellent set of tools for electronic resource management and a solid system to use those tools,” says ERMS Consultant Leslie Lapham.  “Serials Solutions is the only e-resources vendor to supply the complete package.  This process shows librarians how ERMS can best serve their library, help them decide what data to track and then, how to present the most important information to patrons. That way they can get the most out of the subscriptions they’re paying for.”

With the addition of the On-Site Professional Consulting service, Serials Solutions now provides a total package of services for e-resource management. The Serials Solutions suite of ERMS products includes management software, customized implementation support, and data migration services. The latest component, ERMS On-Site Professional Consulting services, will facilitate a quick setup for new clients in a one-on-one environment. Current ERMS subscribers can benefit from consulting to streamline their existing ERMS setup and optimize staff workflow with personalized advice.

ERMS On-Site Professional Consulting services are conducted by Serials Solutions Consulting staff, experienced electronic resource management professionals. For more information, sign up for a free ERMS consulting webinar online at www.serialssolutions.com/webinars or contact Leslie Lapham directly at 1-866-SERIALS x 1034.

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Serials Solutions, part of ProQuest Information and Learning, is the industry leader providing complete e-resource access and management solutions to over 1700 libraries worldwide. Founded by a librarian for librarians, Serials Solutions helps librarians and patrons find and use electronic content through its Access & Management Suite (AMS), Full MARC Records service for e-journals, Article Linker - Serials Solutions’ comprehensive OpenURL link resolver, Central Search - a powerful federated search engine, and ERMS - a lifecycle manager for electronic subscriptions. For more information, please visit www.serialssolutions.com or call 1-866-SERIALS.

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