Save time and support emerging research with expertly curated title lists

Thousands of new academic book titles are published each month. Sorting through these titles, and finding the right ones to support emerging research, is no small task.

Curated Topics are designed to do the work for you.

ProQuest created Curated Topics to simplify the content-selection process, give librarians their time back, and ensure access to the newest content on the most important research topics. Librarians can browse and acquire titles as complete sets or browse title-by-title using your preferred platform – Ebook Central, OASIS or Rialto.

How do Curated Topics work?

Curated Topics are expertly selected title lists that feature the latest and most-requested front-list (electronic and print) books. Created by librarians and for librarians, they include trending and up-and-coming topics. Selectors using these niche sets of titles can save time evaluating content and confidently provide students the books they need – quickly. Access is available through Ebook Central, OASIS and Rialto.

I truly appreciate the monthly Curated Topics. It’s wonderful to have them at my disposal to quickly browse through title recommendations, especially when I’m busy with other tasks.


Use Curated Topics to

Supplement Curriculum

Supplement Curriculum

Quickly fill collection gaps on trending topics with over 200 librarian-selected lists

Browse Trending Topics

Browse Trending Topics

Identify quality content titles that meets topical, multidisciplinary needs, with new content curated each month

Explore Recent Content

Explore Recent Content

Explore content published within the past 2-3 years – and no overlap with previously published Curated Topics

How to find Curated Topics

Ebook LibCentral

Ebook LibCentral

View Curated Topics lists right on the homepage of LibCentral

Explore on LibCentral


View Curated Topics under the “Review Titles” heading

Explore on OASIS


Navigate to the Curated Lists page (Market –> Market –> Curated Lists)

Explore on Rialto
Speak With Us

Speak With Us

Contact your ProQuest account representative for a list or for more details

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LibLists leverages the strength of library collaboration

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LibLists leverages the strength of library collaboration

Our new initiative, LibLists (short for Library Lists), aims to showcase the collection development expertise of academic librarians and foster collaboration, exchange knowledge and amplify diverse perspectives in the library community.

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Some of the topics released in 2023 include


  • Indigenous Peoples in North America
  • Technology in Healthcare
  • Cybersecurity 2023
  • Kogan Page's Workplace Wellness
  • Race, Class, & Gender 2023
  • Social Justice 2023
  • Edinburgh University Press's World Cinema
  • Simon & Schuster's BIPOC Voices 2023
  • BPB's Machine Learning
  • Doody's Special Topics: PTSD & Trauma-Informed Care
  • ADHD & Executive Functioning
  • Entrepreneurship 2023
  • Climate Justice
  • Food Safety & Security 2023
  • Digital Marketing 2023
  • Rowman & Littlefield's Top Textbooks