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Propaganda of the French Revolution

Propaganda of the French Revolution

How the off-color humor and lowbrow songs of working-class radicals fueled a major turning point in European history

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A Journey in Song: Nelson Mandela, Reggae and Rumba

A Journey in Song: Nelson Mandela, Reggae and Rumba

Multimedia resources open up new avenues of exploration into a human rights hero’s life and legacy

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03 August 2021

Research Trends in Education

What the 20 most accessed dissertations related to education studies reveal about priorities in the field

Blogs, Academic, Librarian, Faculty
29 July 2021

History, Trauma, and Coming to Terms with the Past: Using ‘Shoah’ in the Classroom

Isabel Richter, a German history professor at UC Berkeley, speaks about bringing new perspectives to her students through the power of a 1985 Holocaust documentary

Blogs, Academic, Librarian, Faculty
21 July 2021

Appreciating Smaller Publishers: “Making a Difference” at Bristol University Press

Timely, peer-reviewed research from an activist university press whose CEO says it ‘can be a bit shouty’ may not sound like traditional academic publishing

Blogs, Academic, Librarian, Faculty
09 July 2021

June 2021 Top Titles at Public Libraries

Here are the top twenty titles public library patrons looked for in June 2021.

08 July 2021

Editor Picks for Faculty…July Issue

Shoah, Harriet Jacobs, Algorithms, Old Irish Airs and more

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Public, Librarian, Faculty
06 July 2021

Better Content for Less Money: Beloit College Library Finds Success in Comprehensive Databases

Whether they’re doing research on economics or dance, Beloit students and faculty now have more choices

Blogs, Academic, Librarian, Faculty
01 July 2021

The Diversity-Innovation Paradox in Science

Stanford researchers explore how and why the novel contributions of underrepresented scientists are discounted and devalued

Blogs, Academic, Librarian, Faculty
30 June 2021

ISBN: A History

Explore the history of the ISBN, the International Standard Book Number

29 June 2021

Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Publishing

Why scholarly resources about underrepresented communities need to be written by and for people from those communities

Blogs, Academic, Librarian, Faculty
16 June 2021

Showcasing Titles for Pride Month

Show off your LGBTQ+ titles with Book Display Widgets.