16 June 2021 Blogs

Showcasing Titles for Pride Month

Show off your LGBTQ+ titles with Book Display Widgets.

To celebrate Pride Month, we've made a page on our LibGuide of Book Display Widgets that showcase LGBTQ+ titles. Book Display Widgets, as we've mentioned before, are a great way to show off your collection. Our curated widgets on the LibGuide make it fast and simple to copy a widget into your own Syndetics Unbound account. Just click "Get This Widget" and it's yours.

Book Display Widget

Book Display Widget

Our Pride Month curated widgets include:

  • LGBTQ+ New Fiction
  • LGBTQ+ Biographies & Memoirs
  • LGBTQ+ Nonfiction
  • LGBTQ+ YA Books
  • LGBTQ+ Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • LGBTQ+ Romcoms

You might notice that we've included a few upcoming titles in some of the widgets–but they won't show up in your library's widget unless you have them. Use "Filter to Holdings" on the widget edit page, and it will display only the titles your library holds.

See how easy it is to create Book Display Widgets in an earlier post, Showcasing Titles for Black History Month.

Happy Pride!

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