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Editor Picks for Faculty... November 2021 Issue

Explore content on Indigenous Peoples, as well as artificial intelligence, mental health policy and more

By Kelly A. Latham, Editor

Spark student engagement with a variety of content from across the ProQuest portfolio. (For some items, you may need to log into your ProQuest or library account.)

Documentary: Hollywood Et Les Indiens
Source: Academic Video Online
Disciplines: Indigenous Peoples, Cultural Anthropology
This feature-length documentary takes an entertaining and insightful look at the portrayal of North American Indigenous people throughout a century of cinema. Featuring hundreds of clips from old classics as well as recent releases, the film traces the evolution of the “Hollywood Indian.” Viewers will journey across America to some of cinema’s most iconic landscapes and see candid interviews with celebrities such as Clint Eastwood, Robbie Robertson and Jim Jarmusch.
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Dissertation: Parental School Choice in First Nations Communities: Is There Really a Choice?
Source: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global
Discipline: Indigenous Peoples
This work addresses the topic of parental school choice on First Nations reserves. It looks at the reasons that guide First Nations parents in their decisions to send their children to off-reserve or on-reserve schools. For those parents who have the choice, what is the basis of their decision-making?
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Ebook: Artificial Intelligence Design and Solution for Risk and Security
Source: Academic Complete
Disciplines: Business, Artificial Intelligence, Technology
This text helps readers understand, learn and define problems for and architect AI projects. It begins with business architectures and processes and moves to futuristic architectures. An introduction to data analytics and life cycle includes data discovery, data preparation, data processing steps, model building and operationalization. The authors examine the AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms, which enable readers to choose appropriate algorithms in designing solutions.
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Dissertation: Simplified Input: An Investigation of Foreigner Talk/Teacher Talk on Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition
Source: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global
Discipline: Linguistics
Does simplified input (SI) facilitate second language (L2) comprehension? Does SI facilitate L2 comprehension across learners at different levels of proficiency? If SI does facilitate L2 comprehension, do the learners retain this acquired knowledge over time? A group of 75 English as a Second Language (ESL) learners in an intensive English language program at an American university were divided into two groups and videotaped as part of an experiment aimed at answering these questions.
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Journal Article: Social Media Addiction and Burnout: The Mediating Roles of Envy and Social Media Use Anxiety
Source: ProQuest Central
Discipline: Psychology
Although prior studies have clarified the mechanism underlying the development of social media burnout, this study from Current Psychology shows how social media addiction contributes to the phenomenon. Chinese university students (N = 519) completed self-report questionnaires on social media addiction, social media burnout, envy and social media use anxiety. The results showed that addiction, envy and social media use anxiety were all significant predictors of burnout.
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Ebook: A Global History of Architecture
Source: Academic Complete
Disciplines: Architecture, History
This text is the gold-standard exploration of architecture’s evolution. It provides a comprehensive tour through the ages, spinning the globe to present the landmark architectural movements that characterized each time period. Spanning from 3,500 B.C.E. to the present, this guide is written by an architectural all-star team who emphasize connections, contrasts and influences, reminding us that history is not linear and that everything was “modern architecture” in its day.
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Documentary: Bedlam
Source: Academic Video Online
Disciplines: Counseling & Therapy, Health Policy
Through intimate stories of patients, families and medical providers, Bedlam immerses us in America’s national crisis surrounding care of the severely mentally ill. Filmed over five years, it brings us inside one of the nation’s busiest psychiatric emergency rooms, into jails where psychiatric patients are warehoused, and to the homes of mentally ill members of the community. The story is told in part by director Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD, a psychiatrist, filmmaker and brother of a person with schizophrenia.
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Ebook: From Glass to Crystal: Nucleation, Growth and Phase Separation: from Research to Applications
Source: Academic Complete
Disciplines: Science, Chemistry
Glass-ceramics are now commonplace in our daily lives, despite having only been discovered less than a century ago. Much remains to be investigated and understood about these materials, both in their applications as well as in the underlying scientific concepts. This book presents an update on the recent developments concerning the mechanisms of nucleation, crystal growth and phase separation. It also covers current and future applications of a large variety of glass-ceramics.
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