28 October 2020 Blogs

Welcome to the Syndetics Unbound Blog

Welcome to the Syndetics Unbound Blog! Here you will find updates and the latest insights about ProQuest’s dynamic and engaging library catalog enrichment service, Syndetics Unbound.

As we continue to adapt and improve to meet the growing needs of libraries around the world, the Syndetics Unbound team wants to provide you with regular news, ideas, and suggestions about our product so that you and your patrons will always draw the most benefit from it. Our goal is to make this blog a powerful informational tool, and we encourage you to visit frequently, as content will continue to change.

Behind this blog and the Syndetics Unbound product is a dedicated team of book lovers who are invested in providing the best technology and service possible to libraries. The team is composed of ProQuest and LibraryThing contributors, who all have one goal in common: to help continue to grow the library experience for both librarians and their patrons. You can learn more about us on the Syndetics Unbound Contact Us page.

We look forward to starting this journey with you and the Syndetics Unbound community, and will provide the latest news available for Syndetics Unbound. Some of the exciting upcoming topics that the blog will cover, include:

    • Benefit from increased visibility with NEW functionality that places Syndetics Unbound on search results pages
    • Gain valuable insights into how Syndetics Unbound is helping your patrons with the NEW usage stats
    • Take a deep dive into the power of the Syndetics Unbound
    • Check out some of the most popular Syndetics Unbound elements
    • And more…

Be sure to bookmark the Syndetics Unbound Blog and check back weekly for updates. We look forward to connecting here, and encourage Syndetics Unbound customers to also join our Syndetics Unbound Google Group for conversations and announcements about the product. Suggestions? Questions? Concerns? We want to hear from you. Please reach out to us on the Syndetics Unbound Contact Us page.

For more information about Syndetics Unbound, please visit Syndetics.com.