04 November 2020 Blogs

Editors’ Picks for Faculty…Videos and Primary Sources for Distance Learning

Stanley Milgram’s “Obedience,” Bessie Coleman, Smallpox, Masculinities Studies and more.

By Kelly Latham, Editor

Need digital content for online or hybrid courses? Spark engagement and discussion with a variety of content from across the ProQuest portfolio. (For some items, you may need to log into your ProQuest or library account.)

Check out a few highlights from ProQuest’s streaming video and primary-source collections.

Video: Obedience
Source: Psychological Experiments Online
Disciplines: Psychology, Social Sciences 

Watch the only authentic film footage of Stanley Milgram’s “Obedience,” a famous experiment as relevant today as it was in 1962. It is considered essential to all foundational work in social psychology at the graduate, undergraduate and high school level. Subjects were instructed to administer electric shocks of increasing severity to others and observe both obedient and defiant reactions.
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Theatre Performance:
Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus
Source: The Royal Shakespeare Company
Disciplines: Theatre/Drama, Literature 

Titus has returned from a brutal 10-year war after having lost 21 sons in battle. Betrayed by his nation, and with his family in pieces, a series of bloody events follow as he and Tamora, Queen of the Goths, begin a violent cycle of revenge. Rape, cannibalism, mutilation and murder are the gruesome tools in Shakespeare’s bloodiest play. Blanche McIntyre directs this chillingly contemporary performance.
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Historical News Article: Bessie Coleman Makes Initial Aerial Flight
Source: ProQuest Black Historical Newspapers, The Chicago Defender (1910-1975)
Disciplines: Black History, Women’s History 

The Chicago Defender has been a leading voice of the black community well beyond the Windy City, with more than two-thirds of its readership outside Chicago. Early on, the publication supported the aviation career of Bessie Coleman, the first African American female pilot. This article from October 1922 covers when a crowd of 2,000 people gathered at Checkerboard airdrome to witness her airplane stunts. Spectators were not disappointed.
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Magazine Article:
As Seen By Him (Vogue, Vol. 1, December 1892)
Source: The Vogue Archive
Disciplines: Fashion, Business, Masculinities Studies 

The first volume of Vogue Magazine was published in 1892. An excerpt, dated December 17, 1892: “Woman no longer has it her own way in the matter of costume, for the men who have taste and can afford to indulge it are slowly, it may be, but just as surely developing an increasing tendency towards personal adornment which threatens, before long, to defy the narrow limits within which masculine attire has so long been confined.”
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Historical News Article: Small Pox and Vaccination
Source: American Periodicals, Times and Register (1889-1895)
Disciplines: Medicine, History

In an article dated November 25, 1893, “an old reader” inquires with the editor about smallpox vaccinations and treatment. The editor is unable to provide new information about a vaccination but provides the following on treatment: “Regarding preventative treatment of this disease, it is almost needless to say that strict quarantine of the patients afflicted is necessary, that good cleanly surroundings, well ventilated rooms in an upper part of the house and careful nursing should be obtained. Diet should be light but very nutritious…. For the vomiting, cocaine in small doses has been tried with benefit.”
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